Mysterious pneumonia claims third victim in Argentina, many others ill

According to health officials, a third person has passed away this week in Argentina from an unidentified type of pneumonia that has only affected one clinic so far.

A mysterious respiratory illness has struck nine people in Tucuman province's northwestern region, including eight medical professionals working at a private clinic.

Since Monday, three people have passed away—two members of the medical community and one more clinic patient.

The Covid-19 virus, influenza A and B, the legionella bacterial infection, and the hantavirus spread by rodents have all been ruled out, according to Medina, who added that authorities are still conducting tests.

Samples have been sent to the Malbran Institute in Buenos Aires.

The water and air conditioners were being examined by specialists for any potential contamination or poisoning.

Mario Raya, an expert in infectious diseases, stated on Thursday that "at this time, there are no cases outside" the troubled clinic.