Meiko Satomura defeated Roxanne Perez at NXT 2.0

Meiko Satomura faced and got the better of Roxanne Perez in the latest installment of NXT 2.0, in a pretty interesting fight.

The Final Boss is back from a heavy defeat last Sunday at NXT Worlds Collide

the occasion in which her  NXT UK Women's Championship  was unified to the  NXT Women's Championship  which now holds her who was already the female champion of the development territory

or  Mandy Rose , in the Triple Threat which also included  Blair Davenport and which was one of the main matches.

Roxanne Perez  proved to be quite a difficult opponent for  Meiko Satomura

but  she managed to clinch the victory . In the post-match the two expressed their mutual respect

so much so that Meiko then  saved the late Rok-C from the attack of Cora Jade  which took place shortly after.