Mandy Rose said yes: she will marry Tino Sabbatelli

Mandy Rose announced on social media her engagement with Tino Sabatelli: the photo with the beautiful ring in her hand.

Mandy is experiencing perhaps one of the most intense personal moments of her life

Her professional side is booming with the girl who is literally dominating NXT, embellishing her reign as champion by uniting her also with the NXT UK Women's Championship at Worlds Collide.

A last year that has literally distorted and renewed the image and career of the wrestler

Mandy Rose , however, is not experiencing a magical period only on the professional side. Her private life also got a big twist yesterday evening.

The girl on social media has in fact announced the engagement with the former NXT Tino Sabbatelli , complete with a photo with a ring.

So good news! Happy birthday to the betrothed!