"Listen" to James Webb's Photos with These NASA Sonifications

The first photos from the James Webb Space Telescope amazed the world and can now be explored in a new and immersive way

Is that NASA has revealed sonifications of the Carina Nebula, the Southern Ring Nebula and the exoplanet WASP-96 b

The production of the sounds is the result of the work of scientists, musicians and a member of the visually impaired community, who adapted Webb data to create this sound exploration of them.

The photo of the Carina Nebula , for example, was mapped into a beautiful symphony of sound

the musicians chose single notes for the transparent and semi-transparent regions, along with the gas and dust areas of the nebula

The upper part of the photo, in shades of blue, was represented by wind sounds; the lower half, in shades of orange and red, has clearer and melodic sounds.

This sonification tracks the planet's spectrum data from left to right, with higher pitched sounds corresponding to the frequencies of each light point in the spectrum