Edge: donned a luchador mask in Clash at the Castle

Edge entered the Welsh arena wearing a mask, reconciling himself with Mexican culture in this field as well.

Edge was certainly one of the best performers to ever step foot in a ring and one of the most anticipated Superstars of this WWE Clash at the Castle .

Currently feuding with Judgment Day , the Rated -R Superstar has teamed up with the Mysterios in memory of the old days with Rey Mysterio .

In Wales Edge had the opportunity to face his old stable alongside Rey and, during the entry, he wanted to pay homage to his colleague's culture.

Edge presented himself to the Welsh public masked with a classic mask of Mexican culture and recalling that of his colleague

Moreover, during the meeting he used the 619 , paying homage to Rey also in this field

The Rated-R Superstar, who joined after the father-son couple, initially left the audience stunned by this choice but the tribute soon turned into a welcome surprise from the whole audience.

Having completed the entry, the Canadian then removed the mask to fight, winning the victory on Judgment Day, but then being betrayed by Dominik at the end of the match.