Edge and Rey Mysterio win Clash at the Castle

Edge and Rey Mysterio reunite after 20 long years at Clash at the Castle and beat Judgment Day in the Cardiff ring, here's what happened.

Nostalgic fans will certainly remember when Edge and Rey Mysterio teamed up in 2002

The two also won WWE Couples Titles. Twenty years later, and numerous World Titles later, the two have joined forces at Clash at the Castle thanks to a common goal: Judgment Day

Edge to avenge the betrayal of his disciples, Rey Mysterio to protect his son Dominik

On the other corner, the duo of Damien Priest and Finn Balor accompanied by Rhea Ripley.

The duo of Edge and Rey Mysterio won after a combination 619 - Spear on Finn Balor. A match that will be remembered for the exuberance of the Rated R Superstar: first he enters wearing a mask then he gives the fans a 619 absolutely questionable about Finn Balor.

At the end of the match, however, the twist: Dominik Mysterio attacks Edge first and then his father Rey Mysterio making the long-awaited turn heel.

It will be curious now to find out what will happen starting next week. What will happen between the Mysterios? We'll see, stay tuned on The Shield Of Wrestling for all updates.