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Dolly Parton wants you to check out her new pet line if you're looking for a Dolly Parton pet costume for Halloween or just need a blond bombshell wig for your dog: Doggy Parton

This week, the singer/songwriter, actress, and author debuted her new line of dog clothing and accessories in collaboration with SportsPet Designs, which includes dog shirts, dresses, and squeaky toys.

There are even little doggy cowboy hats and guitar chew toys.

"Puppy Love" was Parton's very first record, and six decades later, her love for animals is stronger than ever, she said in a statement.

This gave me the idea to launch my own line of Doggy Parton-themed clothing, accessories, toys, and more.

Visit, the brand's official website, or Amazon to buy Doggy Parton merchandise.

"Show your love for your fur babies with classic Dolly-inspired attire," the clothing line advertises.

Over the years, the 11-time Grammy Award winner has frequently used her name and likeness for joint ventures, including Dollywood.