Crown Jewel: why will we see Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul?

At Crown Jewel Roman Reigns and Logan Paul will clash in the particular scenario of Riyadh.

After what was seen last year, the 2022 edition of Crown Jewel is quite eagerly awaited by fans .

The decision to send Logan Paul to hunt for Roman Reigns' Undisputed World Title sounds like a missed opportunity considering the Tribal Chief's previous opponents

One wonders, therefore, the reason for this decision of this choice by the WWE

To give a valid motivation - and to calm the spirits of some fans - thinks the leading figure of PW Insider, Mike Johnson.

Crown Jewel was the subject of PW Insider's latest Q&A and Mike Johnson clearly endorsed this choice as it is consistent with the tradition and history of the McMahon company 

We'll see what happens next November 5th in Crown Jewel, stay tuned on Tech Markup for all updates.