BMW E30 M3 With 2JZ Engine Swap With 1,300 HP

The original BMW M3 is one of the most revered performance vehicles. We're talking about the 1980s-era E30 with its understated styling and roaring S14 four-pot engine.

It's a formula you just don't mess with, but here we have an E30 M3 with power coming from, hmm, Toyota? Maybe now BMW fans can relate to Supra fans' feelings.

This race-ready BMW has a 2JZ engine, so power is definitely not an issue. Since this iconic inline-six isn't even close to being stock, it's actually not hurting.

We aren't privy to a list of engine modifications, nor do we know other mods on this BMW

According to the video, the list of mods alone would probably need a 10-minute feature of its own, but here are some key points.

It is a dry-sump setup with an E90 race fuel fuel cell. The vehicle has been gutted and caged, and a sequential transmission drives the back wheels.

How much power? No less than 1,300 horsepower to the wheels. So yeah, this E30 moves.