Artemis I: NASA reschedules Moon mission launch for September 3

NASA announced during an early Tuesday night press conference that a re-launch attempt for the Artemis I mission

the first step in its return-to-the-moon program, will take place this Saturday, September 3.

The launch was originally scheduled for Monday morning (29), during a launch window that started at 10:33 am ET, but was canceled due to technical issues.

Two of them were resolved this morning: a hydrogen leak in the quick-disconnect mechanism of a line that carries hydrogen to the rocket's center stage

But the problem that caused the launch delay was a failure in the cooling of the #3 central stage engine, which did not reach the necessary launch temperature of about -215°C

The engine needs to be cooled down to avoid thermal shock when the fuel, at cryogenic temperature (-253°C), starts to circulate through it.

The new launch window for Artemis I opens at 3:17 pm on Saturday (Brasilia time), and lasts for 2 hours