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We will know more about the Galaxy S25 soon

We will know more about the Galaxy S25 soon

Although years of bitter user struggle and a series of petitions have only achieved that, if everything is true, every high-end Samsung mobile from the Galaxy S23 will use a Qualcomm chip instead of the competitive, but often problematic, home-made Exynos, which was found in Europe, for example. The harmony between hardware and software in the Android space is inherently more complicated, since someone else develops the operating system, someone else designs the mobile chips and, if appropriate, someone else manufactures them. On the other hand, Apple’s hardware and software are in perfect harmony, and thus the performance is comparable to its rivals, although much better optimization is even more important, be it from a third party.

It seems that the Exynos chips will go to the cheaper phones from now on

Samsung is a huge multinational company with many huge divisions, so the situation internally is not as simple as one might think. The Exynos chips are developed and manufactured by the semiconductor division, and with little exaggeration, the mobile division is a mere customer, not a close development partner. In this matter, however, Samsung already sees a solution, and in recent years the relationship between the mobile business and Google has been growing, and now it can start chip design itself instead of its in-house partner, so that the hardware-software harmony is perfect. Of course, this did not happen at Apple from one moment to the next, and based on the rumors, at Samsung too, only the Galaxy S25 the hardware that deviates from the usual path trodden by ARM design can start around it.

The Galaxy S23 is expected with a Qualcomm chip – and the S25 with a Samsung chip. Source: FM Korea [+]

It is a good question whether AMD will remain as a graphics partner, or whether Samsung’s mobile division will also design its own GPU, however, one difficulty may still exist: an amazing number of new mobile phones with chips must be launched in order for game and application developers to start optimizing for them. , and this is one of the Achilles tendons of the Exynos line. In any case, the preparations are clear: according to internal information, the department has allocated more than a thousand engineers to the task, and Samsung has also acquired one of Apple’s key chip design engineers. And the new hardware can already be designed for the second or third 3 nm GAA node, which of course is still a long way from being put into operation. At the premiere of the Galaxy S23, the manufacturer can talk for the first time about the development of new chips and a possible new name.

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