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We tested! Motorola Edge 30 Pro reaches 2.3 Gbps with 5G from Claro in São Paulo

We tested!  Motorola Edge 30 Pro reaches 2.3 Gbps with 5G from Claro in São Paulo

The 5G signal officially debuted in the city of São Paulo at the beginning of August, offering ultra-fast mobile internet for owners of devices compatible with the format. Then, at the invitation of operator Claro and manufacturer Motorola, Canaltech had the opportunity to test the speed offered by the new technology.

Claro’s 5G+ speed test was carried out on August 25, in the courtyard of the operator’s commercial building in the Santo Amaro region of São Paulo. On site, we were close to one of the opera’s antennas on the 3.5 GHz frequency, the transmission range of the 5G SA – or “Pure” 5G.

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For more, we used the Motorola Edge 30 Pro smartphone during the review. Available in the Brazilian market since February 2022, the flagship equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset is currently the brand’s most powerful device in the country.

Test results

Initially, the Speedtest app was used to measure the performance of the Edge 30 Pro when connecting to Claro’s 5G+. On average, the Motorola device had a download rate of 2.3 Gbps (2,300 Mbps) and, as it was on a 5G SA connection, an upload rate of 110 Mbps with a latency (response time) of 13 ms.

For comparison, the result is superior to many residential broadband service options. However, this “ultra speed” can be accessed by mobile devices anywhere, ensuring faster browsing the internet, using social networks, playing online games and streaming content.

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We tested Motorola Edge 30 Pro reaches 23 Gbps with <

Multiple file downloads in seconds

For more “layman” users, perhaps the numbers do not indicate what 5G really can offer. Therefore, we carried out tests with some music and video streaming services to exemplify the power of Claro’s fifth generation of mobile internet.

Using a music streaming app, we experimented with downloading a classical music playlist with about 5 hours of playback time. All 109 tracks, with normal audio quality, were downloaded in just 28 seconds.

When using a movie and series streaming app, the result was even more impressive. The download of a complete season of an attraction with 11 episodes of 45 minutes was accomplished in just 10 seconds. Practically every HD video file was downloaded in less than 1 second.

Another test was to download the game Diablo Immortal, whose file has 1.95 GB, directly from the Google Play Store. Blizzard’s popular game took 2 minutes and 38 seconds to download, which can still be considered a great result for a mobile connection.

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Streaming without “choking”

In São Paulo, it is common for people to use their cell phones to watch content on YouTube while on public transport. During the analysis, it was possible to follow an excerpt of a live sports program, with image resolution of 1080p, without “choking”.

When streaming a 4K video that is about 3 hours long, the connection took a few seconds to show the image at the highest resolution. However, it was possible to advance or rewind the content without interruptions by buffering.

With these results, it is clear that 5G+ can deliver a stable mobile connection with high download and upload speeds. This is an advantage both for those looking only for entertainment and for professionals who need to always be connected.

However, it is worth mentioning that the tests were carried out close to an antenna of Claro’s 5G SA network. As well, the Edge 30 Pro used in the review had a software modification for the aggregation of 5G SA on n1 (2.1 GHz), n40 (2.3 GHz) and n78 (3.5 GHz) carriers, ensuring greater bandwidth bandwidth and download rate.

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We tested Motorola Edge 30 Pro reaches 23 Gbps with
Moto G62 5G is an intermediate option for those who want access to the new generation of mobile internet (Image: Disclosure/Motorola)

Claro and Motorola partnership

Motorola was the first manufacturer to launch smartphones with 5G technology in Brazil with the premium Edge series in 2020. Currently, 60% of the company’s portfolio in the Brazilian market consists of devices compatible with the new mobile internet technology, including intermediate models Moto G.

Fernando Oka, product specialist at Motorola, says that the brand’s next handsets that will arrive in Brazilian stores will already have access to 5G Full. That is, they will be phones that will support the three formats of the fifth generation: 5G SA, 5G NSA and 5G DSS.

Software update for some devices

The brand representative also reveals that the Edge handsets available on the market will soon receive the software update for 5G SA aggregation. This combination for greater bandwidth will allow cell phones to reach the download rate seen in the test carried out by Canaltech.

According to Celso Birraque, Director of Access Network at Claro, the introduction of 5G has already had a strong hold in Brazilian regions where the signal is available. As well, there is already an increase in data traffic through the new format.

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Going beyond mobile, the operator works so that the fifth generation of mobile internet can be used in other sectors, such as health, industry, education, finance, mobility and security. A path that will lead to other evolutions, with the expansion of the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and, further on, the introduction of autonomous cars.

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