“We did something fresh, but that also paid homage to past events”: the cast of “How I Met Your Father” spoke with Infobae about this spin-off

“How I Met Your Father” is a sitcom that can already be seen on Star Plus. We talked to the cast about their experiences before, during and after filming.

Coming soon to Star+, How I Met Your Father (how i met your father), a spin-off of the famous series, How I Met Your Mother, which was on the air for several years and had a good number of seasons. On this occasion, Kim Cattrallwho plays sophie, She is in charge of telling her son the story of how he met his father. It should be noted that the adventures are narrated by Kim, but lived by Hilary Duff, who gives life to the young Sophie, who is looking for love. Thus, Kim and Hillary become the new ted mosby (Josh Radnor).

sophie She will be surrounded by a group of friends, who will accompany her on her adventures as they live between dating apps and parties. Her friends include Jesse (Chris Lowell), Valentine (France Raisa), Charlie (Tom Ainsley), Ellen (Tien Tran) and sid (surah sharma).

Infobae spoke with part of this cast and they told us some details about this production, how they found out that they had been selected for their characters and those unforgettable anecdotes in the middle of the recordings.

What similarities are there with How I Met Your Mother?

Tom Ainsley: “It’s a very different time we’re living in, than it was in 2005. In that sense, everything has changed on the show and I know the characters had to reflect that as well. We had to find our own style.”

Suraj Sharma: “We made sure to do something that would stand on its own, but also pay homage to the deeds of the past.”

France Raisa: “It is so different. I mean that we started from scratch, even though there was a precedent. You know, I’ve moved many times, and I’m sure we’ve all moved houses. Have you ever wondered who moved into your old house and what life they lead? I think that is what is happening here. Now we are visiting that apartment that we fell in love with and we are seeing a new story with new people.”

How was your reaction and where were you when you were told that you were chosen for this series?

France Raisa: “I auditioned three months ago and it was the craziest three months of my life. I ended up going on a birthday trip to Ancientwhich is in Jamaica, and at that time I did not have this role and was going to go shoot a movie. Then I remember that she was very drunk and I got a phone call and they said, ‘Hey, you have to go back to The Angels because you’re on this show’, and I was like ‘what?’ And then everything started to move forward, so it was a great moment. I cried, it was amazing. It was my birthday. Great birthday present.”

Tom Ainsley: “I remember that horrible point after you know it’s going to be the last audition and then you sit and wait by the phone and no one calls. And then people ask you if you want to make any plans, go on an excursion or something, and you say no, you can’t. You should sit and wait by the phone and do nothing else until you hear back on this. That’s how I treat it.”

What is that unforgettable anecdote of this first season?

Tom Ainsley: “The story goes that Adele’s new music video was going to be made in the parking lot of the studios where we were filming, and one Friday night, after we finished filming, we went to watch. They ended up kicking us out because I tried to take a picture and my flash went off. I lost all composure when the security guard showed up and told me to forget about using my cell phone and delete the photos. And well, it remained as an anecdote”.


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