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We can already see the two Pixel 8

We can already see the two Pixel 8

October is still quite far away, but Google I/O starts on May 10, and if Google does what it did last year, it will already show the 8 series at the developer conference. That is, what kind of appearance was dreamed up for the phones, as was the case with the 7 series and the Pixel Tablet, which has not been released since then. For those who cannot even wait until May, there is good news that a MySmartPrice obtained CAD-based renders from Pixel 8 from the outside, a SmartPrix and about the Pixel 8 Pro.

According to them, Google will make the corners of the phones more rounded this year, and the curve of the Pro version’s display may disappear. The back panel is unchanged in that the cameras will be placed in a metal strip, and the three sensors will be located in an elongated cut-out. It is not yet known what the sensor under the LED photo light is and what the phone will use it for, it could be a laser assistant, LiDAR, ToF, or a color sensor.


Pixel 8 ProPixel 8 Pro Pixel 8 Pro (source: SmartPrix) [+]

THE Pixel 8 Pro its case will be 162.6 x 76.5 x 8.7 millimeters based on the CAD files, and 12 millimeters at its thickest point (at the camera band). The diagonal of the display may be 6.52 inches, which is slightly smaller than the Pixel 7 Pro, which may be due to the rounded corners. On the right side of the phone, there are volume buttons and a power button, at the bottom there is a USB-C connector, and inside there may be a Tensor G3 SoC. The Tensor G3 is said to be made with Samsung’s 3nm manufacturing technology and may be based on the Exynos 2300. Samsung recently announced that the 3 nm node is ready, and production will start soon.

Pixel 8 Pro may be slightly smaller.Pixel 8 Pro may be slightly smaller. Pixel 8 Pro may be slightly smaller. (source: SmartPrix) [+]

A decrease in size is expected a Pixel 8 case, the phone can arrive in a 150.5 x 70.8 x 8.9 mm housing. The diagonal of the display is said to shrink to 5.8 inches from the 6.3 inches of the Pixel 7. The frame surrounding the display is thinner according to the CAD-based renders, and the front camera is located in a hole cut into the display at the top-center, as in the case of the 8 Pro.

This could be the Google Pixel 8.This could be the Google Pixel 8.This could be the Google Pixel 8.This could be the Google Pixel 8. This could be the Google Pixel 8. (source: MySmartPrice) [+]

The premiere of the Pixel 7a is expected at the 2023 I/O conference, we have already written about this several times, and not many surprises are expected in relation to the phone. According to the news, the phone will be launched in June, and the Pixel Fold may also hit stores alongside it. In the case of the foldable Fold, there may be a version with 256 GB of storage and a price of around 1,700 euros. The Pixel 7a is said to start in a 128GB package, with a predicted price of 499 euros for the phone in the EU.

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