“We bow to Taylor Swift”: Blumhouse confirms the reason for the preview of ‘The Exorcist: Believer’

Look what you made me do. Look what you’ve made me do. It is the title of a very popular song by Taylor Swiftand also what the almighty producer tweeted Jason Blum shortly after it was announced that The Exorcist: Believer the release date changed. The double strike hollywood has led to the month of October being considered quite lacking in major releases that attract the audience, and in this sense the fifth installment (sixth if we assume the director’s montage of Paul Schrader of The Exorcist: The Beginning) of such a famous saga could make a difference.

But to a certain extent. Blumhousea horror production company led by Blum, had programmed The Exorcist: Believer for him Friday October 13: a good date that expanded the appeal of the proposal, directed by David Gordon Green after the last trilogy of Halloween and counting on the return of Ellen Burstyn. However, Taylor Swift decided to schedule the premiere of The Eras Tour: a documentary film about the current tour that is sweeping the world. As it became apparent that tickets to see the documentary in US theaters were selling out, Blum had to back out.

So he announced that Believer advanced its date to a previous week, for the Friday October 6. So he did not hide the reason why he did it (for example, the aforementioned tweet) but he did not make official statements about it. Now, interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, the producer has approached the subject with good humor, without hostility towards Taylor’s decision. “We had this incredible Friday the 13th, the best day to release a horror movie. But obviously we moved the date and we bend before Taylor Swift,” confirms the Blumhouse leader.

In U.S.A. The Eras Tour is going to be distributed directly by the cinema chain of AMC, without the involvement of any Hollywood network. The documentary is made up of footage from a concert Swift gave at the stadium SoFi of Inglewood, Californiafor which tickets were suddenly sold out (as has happened in many other corners of the world). The Eras Tour has attracted so much media attention that it can also be seen in cinemas in Spain, where The Exorcist: Believer The date has also changed.

Thus, Universal has also advanced the film to October 6. Another film affected in the US has been Blow to Wall Street of Craig Gillespie, which will also be released in Spain next week. Blum, for his part, even jokes about the possibility of a “ExorSwift”in reference to that Barbenheimer (driven by the coincidence in cinemas of Barbie and Oppenheimer) that gave us so much summer joy.

“It was too risky to see if Exorswift could work or not. People will still have the opportunity to experience it, so maybe we can have our cake and eat it,” Blum continues, concluding: only thing that scares me It’s Taylor Swift!”

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