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‘We adapted the story, not the game’, says The Last of Us co-creator

The Last of Us

“A lot of video game adaptations have had problems because they tried to adapt the game. We do not [fizemos isso]🇧🇷 What we did was we were inspired by the story and the characters, to show more about them. We will give people a complete experience to watch”, promised this Friday (02) Craig Mazin, co-creator of the series of The Last of Us🇧🇷

He and part of the cast are in Brazil to participate in CCXP22 and participated in a press conference to talk about the show. O TechWorld was one of the invited vehicles and tells everything that was said by the professionals involved in the project.

Speaking about the biggest difficulties of adapting a game to another medium – since the list of failures is extensive –, Mazin stated that the team thought about which parts of the game released in 2013 were “translatable” and necessary for television and which were not. . The co-creator defended this view, pointing out that an electronic game is about immersion, while a series or a movie is totally different because they are passive experiences, where the viewer does not define the destiny of who is on the other side of the screen.


Neil Druckmann, series co-creator and game director, kindly disagreed with his colleague. “The biggest challenge was the weather,” he joked. Responsible for creating Ellie and Joel, Druckmann said he sat down with the producers and discussed what they considered essential to the story.


🇧🇷[Pensamos] in terms of themes, messages, who these characters really are, how the relationships between them take place and how we could go beyond that and deepen them in a new medium”, he defended.

Learnings and experiences

Pedro Pascal, the actor chosen to play Joel, described the job as a “great experience”. Speaking about what he learned from the story, he ended up highlighting how exciting it was to act alongside Bella Ramsey (Ellie), Gabriel Luna (Tommy) and Merle Dandridge (Marlene), who were also at the conference.

Dandrige said it was a challenge and a learning experience to interpret Marlene from another angle. She voiced the character in the games and now had to work on the issue of already knowing everything that happens to Marlene. In this sense, she thanked the support of the production team.


Luna revealed that she had contact for the first time with The Last of Us in 2013, as soon as the game was released. Despite not having a PlayStation 4, he played at a friend’s house and fell in love with the story.

“Working on this production was the perfect opportunity to say I was working when they saw me playing video games,” he said with a laugh.

Beware the fans

As with all questions asked by journalists, the cast reacted with good humor to the question of whether they were prepared to deal with the reaction of the gaming public. Before the answers, however, Mazin asked everyone to be careful with the matter.

Despite the joke, the co-creator was quite vocal about how high their confidence is regarding the quality of the final material. The cast – who have yet to see the episodes – echoed Mazin’s tone, saying that great care was taken in carrying out this adaptation work.

“I understand how attached people are to these stories and how much they want to protect them. We also have these concerns. But I think we did a good job and it’s going to be fun.”

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Towards the end, Druckmann gave his rationale for why a modern gaming classic was turned into a television series. He suggested that theoretically this would not need to be done, as The Last of Us It has already earned respect in the gaming industry, but it has given gamers good reason to give it a vote of confidence.

“There are people who don’t play video games, so they wouldn’t have the experience of living these stories. And I think what we create at Naughty Dog is worth translating into other media,” she said.

“My biggest hope is that someone watches it and is touched by the show and is like, ‘Wait, was that based on a game? Those things weren’t Pac Man and other crap?’. Then that person might realize that there are rich histories in other media,” she added.

The Last of Us premieres January 15, 2023 exclusively on HBO Max. The series will have a panel at CCXP22, where the first full trailer for the show will most likely be released.

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