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Waze Gone Retro: How to Adjust Navigation to the Style of the 70s, 80s, or 90s

Waze got nostalgic and is taking all its users Retro-Modea new driving experience that will take you on a journey to the past (and to the next destination) with vibes from the 70s, 80s and 90s.


“Retro Mode celebrates personalities and trends from the years most firmly grounded in today’s pop culture. Turn your next ride into a trip down memory lane with nostalgic moods, voices, and cars”.

The modality gives users the opportunity to adjust Waze style to the decade you like bestbecause in addition to being set at the time, they have a different presenter.


In the setting of the 70s, where peace, love and happiness reign, the platform included a eccentric radio DJ as your host and navigator. It is “El Vanarino” full of flowers like his vehicle and a wonderful Mood lava lamp.

For the 80’s loversthe platform added to a aerobics instructor that will guide the journey, as the user maneuvers a Rad Racer sports car with a “Pumped!”


The last option is for those who prefer the 90s with the classic two-door “SUV4EVA”. Here appears a pop star who helps avoid traffic and paparazzi. “Set your Mood to ‘Dialed Up,’ a classic desktop PC, but without the pain of waiting for your crush to sign up online.”

It is to be noted that each speaker has different expressions, which will say when the driver has reached the destination. The aerobics instructor says, “Let’s exercise again tomorrow!” and the 1970s DJ says, “I can’t join you from here, but life is about the journey anyway.”

Additionally, the audio streaming service TuneIn partnered with Waze to offer songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s, allowing seamless access to favorite nostalgic songs through the Waze app. The stations include Hit Music 70′s in the United Kingdom90′s Hits in the US and Canada, and 80’s Alive in France. To listen through your Waze app, the audio player must be synced.


“For a journey that transports you into a new decade, click ‘My Waze’ in your Waze app and tap on the ‘Drive’ sign with the 80’s to activate it. Is available worldwidein English, French and Portuguese, for a limited time.”

What to listen to while driving

Although you can listen to all kinds of content over the Internet, can be traditional and enjoy the radio. In other words, tune into local stations or other locations even if the signal doesn’t reach the car.

– Simple Radio

– TuneInRadio

– myTuner Radio and Podcast


In the first three apps mentioned there are radio stations from all over the world, local, regional or national. You can listen to favorite stations online or discover new stations that you might be listening to at home. The fourth application offers online radio stations specializing in music by genre.

Podcasts and audiobooks

Podcasts have become fashionable. Something that seemed past and from a specific time on the internet, has become a phenomenon with more followers every day. They can be heard while driving.

-Antenna Pod

-Pocket Casts


– Audible

There are different types of applications that allow drivers to be entertained while driving, as well as making that routine more rewarding and less frustrating.


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