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Waze enables an option to use the voice of a football commentator

Users will be able to receive directions from the Brazilian influencer known as Receba on their devices during a car ride. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

In the absence of days for the start of the World Cup Qatar 2022, football fans can already feel the excitement of the group stage matches of the most important tournament in the world. For those most passionate about this sportthe transit application Waze implemented a new function so that the navigation instructions are issued by a voice of sportscaster.


The feature implemented by Waze is inspired by the intense accounts of game narrators who often effusively express the actions that take place on a field of play and now from the seat of the driver of a car

Waze added to its system a series of new phrases such as “take the first exit. Then go on to glory!” and “danger informed later, overcoming that defense could be complicated”, which can be heard by the users during his tours in the streets of his city.


In the case of Brazil, the application enabled the option that allows you to hear the voice of Luva de Pedreiroalso know as topdressinga Brazilian influencer who loves footballwho will be in charge of making the indications for the users.

Brazilian influencer Luva de Pedreiro, also known as Receba. (Youtube)
Brazilian influencer Luva de Pedreiro, also known as Receba. (Youtube)

The commenter role Wazealso called automoball, is now available to all users worldwide in different versions that include English, French and Spanish languages. The experience of driving in the specific case of Brazil it will be different and will be called “Drive with Luva de Pedreiro”, while for the rest of the world it will be called “Drive with a commentator”.


To access this function, users must enter the menu “My Waze” and then press the option of your choice. In case you do not find the options mentioned above, you should check in app store Y Google Play Store that your application is updated to the latest version. Otherwise, they must download the update before attempting to set this option.

More Waze features

In addition to having this new feature, the application of Waze also owns other functions that can help users reach their destinations on time and in the safest way. That is why people can find features such as planning a trip or adding a stop on the route, so that the system of the app can set the best route.

Plan a trip to save yourself all the traffic

– To plan a trip with Wazeusers should go to the side navigation panel and find the Planned Trips option.

– Users will see a button in red at the bottom that will allow them to plan a trip in the app and will also serve as a route store scheduled once the first has been established.

Waze. (photo: Parenthesis)
Waze. (photo: Parenthesis)

– Enter the destination to which the user wishes to move.

– The user can choose a specific time on the right side and the different departure times that will allow you to arrive at the determined time.

– Slide through the hours to choose the time you want to arrive and Waze will take care of notifying you at the right time.

Add a stop to the route

A stop can be specified for this trip that will start in any coastal region of the country. For example, a gas station where you usually stop to eat.

– Go to the bar Estimated Time of Arrivaland at the bottom touch the One stop option.

– You can choose parking lots, gas stations, restaurants or a section to search for the stop address you want to add.

– Once this action is done, press the Go option.

Waze. (photo:
Waze. (photo:

– In the pop-up menu, the user must choose the option add stop.

– The stop will be added to the route predefined.

Once a stop has been selected, the path to the established route appears in pink and the final destination with a purple path.


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