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WatchOS 8 features: It will now detect biking workouts

WatchOS 8 features

With watchOS 8, Apple also introduced a number of options specifically for cyclists. One of watchOS 8 features is, there is an option for riding e-bikes in order to be able to determine the calorie consumption more precisely.

  • watchOS 8 gets a number of improvements especially for cyclists
  • Improved algorithm for more accurate calorie measurement when riding e-bikes
  • Improved algorithms also for more reliable fall detection

With watchOS 8, (most) Apple Watches recognize whether you are cycling. The Apple Watch uses improved algorithms and uses data from GPS, heart rate, gyro, and acceleration sensors to detect whether the Apple Watch wearer is currently riding a bicycle. If this is the case, the watch offers to start the training. This option is already available for other types of training, such as walking or running.


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What’s new: For example, if you stop at traffic lights or are taking a break, the watch automatically pauses the training recording. In this way, overall more accurate measured values ​​are obtained.

WatchOS 8 features also has an improvement for all e-bike riders among us. Apple has improved its algorithms here and can use the GPS and heart rate data to determine when you are pedaling with pure muscle power or when you are receiving support from the electric motor. Is this really good news for everyone? Some are likely to be completely disappointed if, after an extensive electric bike tour, they can no longer reach the calorie consumption values ​​of the past – hence the headline.

Something has also happened in terms of fall detection. This means that the Apple Watch can, for example, distinguish driving on uneven surfaces from real falls and does not unintentionally make an emergency call.

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watchOS 8 release date

All Apple Watches from Series 3 onwards will receive the update to watchOS 8 from September 20th. To be able to download watchOS 8, you also need an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15 as the operating system.

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