Warner wants to reconcile with Christopher Nolan (and do more ‘Lord of the Rings’ with Peter Jackson)

to put it mildly, Warner Bros. Discovery it is not right now major which arouses more confidence in Hollywood. His last few months have been most turbulent, marked by the emergency measures against COVID-19 and the merger with discovery which brought with it the rise of David Zaslav to CEO. A businessman who has not been afraid to cancel the premiere of Batgirl when it was already shot, or remove multiple content from a platform, HBO Maxwhich is now called just Max.

Behind Zaslav’s back we have michael de luca and Pamela Abdythe executive directors of Warner Bros. Film Group. They got the job a year ago, and have set out to restore the studio to its former glory with its film division. This is how they explained it during an interview with Varietyidentifying a few promising projects: this summer arrives as we all know Barbieand they will follow Dunes: Part 2the musical of the color purple either Bitelchus 2.

De Luca and Abdy agree that a good way to straighten the Warner Bros. banner is to have great directors on the payroll. That is why they have signed a profitable agreement with Baz Luhrmann after Elvis and have been associated with M.Night Shyamalan (the studio will produce his next film, trap). Abdy also tells that they want to attract Alejandro González Iñárritu to its bosom, and that they have come to move to New Zealand to have a talk with Peter Jackson. This filmmaker, responsible for the trilogy of The Lord of the ringswas not involved in the production of the series the rings of powerwith Amazon Prime.

So… would you still be interested in working with Warners again for more adaptations of Tolkien? It’s the idea executives have, trying to convince Jackson to come back while they pitch an upcoming movie set in the Middle Earth: The Rohirrim Warwhich is cartoon and would arrive in April 2024. Whatever happens with Jackson, the top priority right now for De Luca and Abdy is bringing Jackson back into the fold. Christopher Nolan.

After the premiere of Tenet, Nolan did not take the hybrid theaters / HBO Max model at all, assuring that it was an affront to the filmmakers and ending his long collaboration with Warner. Nolan went to Universalwhere has filmed oppenheimer (premiering this, cosas de la vida, the same day that Barbie Warner’s: July 21 In U.S.A., twenty in Spain), but the studio directors want to make peace. “We hope to get Nolan back, i think there are optionsDeLuca says.

It is possible that Nolan will reconcile with the major: Warner recently sent you a seven-figure check as the proceeds of Tenet. Which in principle would not be any form of bribery, but surely it does not hurt to soften Nolan’s attitude towards the company. In addition, according to what he has learned, Nolan undertook the post-production of oppenheimer at Warner’s facilities, so there are certainly indications that Nolan could return to the studio soon.

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