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Wandinha: Will Percy Hynes leave the Netflix series? understand controversy

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Percy Hynes White, actor who portrayed the character Xavier Thorpe in the series Wandinha, from Netflix, may leave production before season 2. Recently, the artist has been the target of accusations of sexual harassment by some young women, who allege that he and a group of friends organized parties with the aim of getting women drunk and physically taking advantage of them.

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According to the reports, which began to gain strength through Twitter, the cases would have happened when White lived in Toronto, Canada, and was between 17 and 20 years old. That is, before he was scheduled to act in Wandinha. Currently, the star is 21 years old and projected himself on the international stage through the work of Netflix, which has become one of the most viewed original series in the history of the platform.

Accusations of sexual harassment and links to Nazi groups have surrounded actor Percy Hynes White, who has yet to comment on the matter.Source: Netflix

According to the Portuguese portal JN, White and his group of friends, during these parties, still took intimate photos of the victims to publish on the internet. The star also sent nude photos of himself to other women without their consent, abusing offensive and humiliating language.

Campaign against the actor

As a result, Twitter users boosted the hashtag #CancelPercy, which has been gaining more and more strength on the social network, and many fans are already asking for the actor to be removed and replaced Wandinha. White would even have limited comments on his Instagram account.

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To make matters worse, White was also accused of sympathizing with extremist groups linked to Nazism. Who raised the question was the profile Pop Faction, on Twitter, who wrote the following: “The likes of #Wandinha star Percy Hynes White reveal that he is allegedly a fan of an Instagram page that is Nazi, White Supremacist and Pro-Weapons, and uses the name ‘D*eamerican ‘. He also follows the page.”

Until the production of this article, White did not comment on the accusations, neither did Netflix. However, if the situations are proven after being properly investigated, the actor is expected to leave the series about the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams.

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