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Wandinha: Netflix changes the age rating of the series. Understand!

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Wandinha has already arrived on Netflix breaking records. Millions of hours were watched by viewers around the world and the series became an immediate hit. Thanks to the giant exposure that Tim Burton’s production has been going through, the streaming platform decided to change the indicative classification of Wandinha.

Before, the series was marked as A12 and became +16 due to the episodes of violence that happen to the characters of Wednesday🇧🇷 Despite being something subtle and veiled, in many situations, it is important to consider the psychological impact that the scenes can have if they are watched by children or pre-teens, for example. Find out more about the story below!


Wandinha: the Netflix phenomenon that surprises

No one imagined that accompanying an apathetic and gothic young woman could be such a fun experience, which is why Wandinha is so surprising. Throughout the episodes, we develop a connection with her and her trajectory, understanding that her feelings are valid and easy to identify.


This relationship has increasingly attracted the attention of fans around the world. Just the weekend it was released, Wednesday had already accumulated more than 340 million hours watched, a number so large that it was able to surpass Stranger Things season 4’s viewership rate.

But it doesn’t stop there: surpassing itself, the series reached, between November 28th and December 4th, the milestone of 411 million hours consumed, proving that the connection with Wandinha’s story is real.

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  • Wandinha surpasses her own record on Netflix; check out!

Considering the amount of people watching, Netflix, to mitigate future damage, increased the age rating to +16 as a way to prevent the wrong audience from encountering the events shown in the series. 13 Reasons Why is an example of how the irresponsibility of a narrative can affect the population and the streaming platform wants to avoid the mistake.

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