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Wandinha: Jenna Ortega reveals how the language of Mãozinha was created

Wandinha e Mãozinha fizeram uma dupla sombria e eficaz durante a primeira temporada da série da Netflix.

The official debut of Wandinhaspin-off series of The Addams Family, is giving the talk on Netflix. Despite being on the air for just a week, the work, created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, has already won the hearts of the streaming giant’s subscribers and, by all indications, should remain in the platform’s top 10 for some time.

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In addition to a fun and interesting plot, Wandinhadirected by Tim Burton (The ghosts have fun), has striking and charismatic characters. One of them is Little Hand, faithful partner of the daughter of Gomez (Luis Guzmán) and Mortícia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones) throughout the narrative. And a curiosity that arose about the character is: how was his communication created?

Wandinha and Mãozinha made a dark and effective duo during the first season of the Netflix series.Source: Netflix


As we all know, Little Hand can’t talk since it’s, well, just a hand. But the show’s creative team tried to create its own language for the member, revealed Jenna Ortega, interpreter of the protagonist. According to her, everything was thought of inside the set, during the recordings.

“It was funny, because the language of Mãozinha was invented on the day. Every day, we would show up and think, ‘Ahhh… [movimentos de mão] that feels right’. I feel like I know, more or less, what he’s saying,” said the artist in an interview with Screen Rant.


As already revealed, Little Hand was played by a real actor, named Victor Dorobantu, who is also a magician and illusionist. Wandinhaincluding, is his first production as a professional actor.

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Backstage, it is possible to see Dorobantu with a blue overalls, recording the scenes as Mãozinha normally. Her body was removed from the sequels, so during post-production of the series, only the classic character of The Addams Family🇧🇷

“Tim really liked your mannerisms. He [Dorobantu] spent hours with the production just making that hand”, said Ortega about the look of Mãozinha, who also received a whole lot of special care from the team of Wandinha🇧🇷


In the first season of Wandinha, Mãozinha had an important highlight alongside the trevosa girl and helped her a lot in several challenges and mysteries. However, other members of The Addams Family didn’t show up that much. What can change in a possible 2nd season of the series on Netflix.

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