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Wandinha: dance scene could have been very different; understand!

Imagem de: Wandinha: cena de dança poderia ter sido bem diferente; entenda!

Launched in November, the Wandinha series has become one of the biggest Netflix productions of all time. Breaking record after record, the spin-off of The Addams Family conquered the hearts of subscribers by exploring a plot centered on the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, the dark Wednesday, who is played by actress Jenna Ortega.

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Among the many memorable scenes that Wandinha brought, the biggest one is probably the dance scene, in which the girl moves her skeleton to the sound of “Goo Goo Muck”, by The Cramps, at the dance at Escola Nunca Mais. The song was released in 1981 and was back on track after being played on the series. But did you know that the dance sequence could have been quite different?

The dance performed by Jenna Ortega in Wandinha became one of the most talked about scenes of 2022.Source: Netflix


In the passage, Wandinha dances almost mechanically, with very different but magnetic steps, leaving the viewer transfixed on the screen. However, the initial idea was quite different, as Ortega revealed in an interview with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon🇧🇷 According to her, the dance was supposed to be a flash mob.

“Well, I read the episode way beforehand. And we didn’t know what song we were going to use, we didn’t know what the situation was going to be. Initially, they wanted a flash mob, but I thought, no, there’s no scenario where Wednesday would agree to dance and encourage other people. So Tim and I – director Tim Burton and I talked about it a little bit, and he said ‘yeah, let’s not do that. Let’s let her have her moment,'” said the artist.

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As Ortega stated, it would be very strange to see Wandinha, with her gothic and reclusive personality, in a flash mob, dancing with other people with whom she has no intimate relationship. Even with whom she knows, it would be awkward.

Luckily, Burton and Ortega realized what would be the best path for the character of The Addams Family and created one of the most talked about scenes of 2022 and which will probably remain one of Wandinha’s best.

For now, Netflix has not confirmed a 2nd season of Wandinha, but due to the success of the first part, it is very possible that the announcement will happen soon. We are cheering!

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