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Wandinha: 8 questions that the 2nd season of the series must answer

Apesar dos clamores dos fãs, Wandinha ainda não ganhou uma 2ª temporada na Netflix.


It is no exaggeration to say that the premiere season of Wandinha, a Netflix series, is turning into a real success🇧🇷 Incidentally, even with just two weeks on the air, many fans are already clamoring for a 2nd season of the work, spin-off of The Addams Family, which was directed by Tim Burton and created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

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And, speaking of the 2nd season of Wandinha, it is certain that a new batch of episodes can answer many questions that were left open at the end of the first part. We separate the top 8 for you. Check out!


Wandinha: 8 questions for Season 2 to answer

8 – Who is Wandinha’s stalker?

At the end of the first season of Wandinha, Jenna Ortega’s character gets a cell phone from Xavier (something she never had, by choice). Interestingly, shortly after the fact, upon leaving the Never Again School, she receives pictures of her, indicating that someone is watching her.


Who could be the stalker? Probably someone from school, who could be an ally or an enemy. It’s up to Season 2 to reveal the identity of the mysterious figure!

7 – Who will be the new director of Nunca Mais?

Wandinha’s end was also marked by a painful death: that of director Weems (Gwendoline Christie). The commander of Never Again School was poisoned by Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci) and couldn’t resist.

Despite being firm, Weems was a good person and always thought about the good of the institute he headed. Will the next director have the same profile or will Wandinha have problems?

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6 – Will Tyler return for season 2?


The great plot twist of Wandinha’s debut season revolved around the figure of Tyler. The boy, apparently naive and innocent, was the great love interest of the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. However, in the end, we found out that he was the monster responsible for all the deaths that plagued Never Again School.

Despite being controlled by Thornhill, the young man reveals that he knew very well what he was doing and that he liked it. In the final moments of Season 1, Tyler is shown transforming into the monster again to escape prison. Which indicates that he may return to haunt the protagonist.

Despite fan outcry, Wandinha still hasn’t won a 2nd season on Netflix.Source: Netflix

5 – Bianca and the Morning Song

Bianca, first, appears as an antagonist in Wandinha’s plot, giving work to the main character. However, as the episodes go by, the mermaid has an arc of redemption and starts to help the dark young woman, showing herself to be a sensitive girl and with her own difficulties.

One of these difficulties is her mother, who shows up at the school Nunca Mais demanding that Bianca help her with the organization Canto da Manhã (Morning Song). Otherwise, the mermaid’s secret would be revealed to everyone: her entrance to the school would have been fraudulent.

Season 2 of the series should show how this issue will be developed.

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4 – What will happen to Xavier?

Despite being cleared at the end of Wandinha’s first part, some things about Xavier still remain mysteries: why did the character have such vivid visions of the monster? How did he manage to draw the creature in such detail? Would he also have psychic powers?

We will probably have more information about the boy in Wandinha season 2. By the way, in the new batch of episodes, we will also know if his love for the protagonist will be reciprocated, since Wandinha has only denied it so far.

3 – Will we know more about the other students of Nunca Mais?

In addition to Wandinha, the premiere season also focuses on some groups present at Escola Nunca Mais, such as the sirens (Bianca’s group) and the wolves (Enid’s group). But some others were left out, like vampires and gorgons.

They appear in some scenes, but more in the background. In that sense, season 2 could give more prominence to the creatures and create specific narratives for them.

Wandinha's 2nd season may explore even more groups from Escola Nunca Mais.Wandinha’s 2nd season may explore even more groups from Escola Nunca Mais.Source: Netflix

2 – Will we see a little more of the school?

Despite being the stage for most of Wandinha’s 1st season, Escola Nunca Mais still remains a mystery to fans. Secret libraries, mysterious passageways, beautiful scenery. What else does the institute house on its grounds?

A 2nd season could show even more the routine of the place, exploring more spaces in the school, which can keep many secrets and details not yet seen by viewers of the series.

1 – Where’s Cousin Thing?

A beloved character from The Addams Family who appears in the Netflix series is Uncle Chico, who appears by surprise in the final stretch of the narrative. However, fans missed someone else: Cousin Thing.

The furry character is even mentioned by Uncle Chico, but makes no appearance. A 2nd season could resolve this, creating an adventure involving him and Wandinha, just like what happened with Uncle Chico.

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