Wandinha: 5 connections of the Netflix series with the original films

With the official debut of Wandinha on Netflix, spin-off series of The Addams Familyone thing is for sure: fans will spend a lot of time hunting easter eggs and references to the original franchise films, released in the 1990s and which marked a generation of people.


But if you prefer to know everything beforehand, don’t worry, we’re going to make your life easier. In this matter, therefore, Minha Série separated 5 connections between Wandinha and the feature films of The Addams Family.

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Before we check the references, however, let’s know a little more about the new Netflix series?

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Directed by the prestigious Tim Burton (Corpse Bride), Wandinha’s plot is centered on the title character, daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. Upon entering the school Never Again, the girl realizes that making friends is as easy as making enemies.

While navigating her adolescence and her relationships with others, Wandinha needs to investigate a series of murders in her hometown and, on top of that, solve a 25-year-old mystery involving her parents. That is, we can expect a very busy narrative!


Like most Netflix series, Wandinha has 8 episodes filled with mysteries in its initial season and is signed by creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.

Links between Wandinha and the Addams Family films

5 – School Never Again = Romance

The school Nunca Mais is a fundamental part of Wandinha’s narrative, since it is the place where the character spends most of her time during production, and where she makes many friends and enemies. But did you know that school has a crucial dash of romance too?


Well, it was there that Mortícia and Gomez met and started a relationship. That is, if it weren’t for the institution, Wandinha wouldn’t even exist, much less The Addams Family as we know it, both in the movies and in the series.

4 – Horror elements in the scenarios

Millar, one of the creators of Wandinha, revealed in an interview with EW that the work’s scenarios are filled with easter eggs from the franchise. At Escola Nunca Mais, for example, we can observe the presence of some gargoyles and the arches were created to look like the open mouths of monsters.

Those horror elements, classics of the films and the franchise as a whole, follow throughout. “We had 30 different artists making different statues, gargoyles and elements,” said the executive.

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The new Addams family, with Gomez, Morticia and Wandinha (center).Source: Netflix

3 – Interesting contrasts

One thing that the Addams Family movies make clear is this: none of the Addams “fit” into society in a conventional way, whether by look, customs or peculiar tastes.

And this is something that is also worked on in Wandinha, which is concerned with showing how the girl has a very “special” way of being. Her room at school Never Again, for example, was designed to prove that, Millar revealed.

To begin with, the room is an attic and, as if that were not enough, it is divided between Wandinha and Enid, a character who is the complete opposite of Addams. Which only highlights the darkness of the protagonist even more.

2 – Ancient customs

Just like in the feature films, in the series, Wandinha follows ancient customs and rejects, to a certain extent, technologies or practices that are more suitable for young people her age.

She, for example, has a tarantula (dog or cat? No thanks) and a gramophone, which she loves to listen to old vinyl on. “She’s very old school. She doesn’t have a computer. She doesn’t have a cell phone. She doesn’t believe in social media. She’s someone who’s not in her time […]”, said Millar. Including, that’s why we love the character so much, isn’t it?

1 – The “original” Wandinha

Wandinha’s biggest easter egg and probably, the presence of the first actress to play the goth girl: Christina Ricci🇧🇷 The artist is in the production, but, of course, not like Wandinha, who is now played by Jenna Ortega. Instead, Ricci plays Marilyn Thornhill, new to the Addams Family franchise.

Apparently, Thornhill is a kind of supervisor of the Never Again school, who circulates around the place in order to help students in need. That is, she must get very close to Wandinha throughout the narrative.

Christina Ricci played Wandinha in the first two Addams Family films, released in 1991 and 1993, responsible for taking the trevosa family franchise to new heights in the entertainment universe. Therefore, fans should be very euphoric with the presence of the actress in Wandinha and with her relationship with the new protagonist.

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