Wallpapers determine the personality of users, what does it mean

Wallpapers determine the personality of users, what does it mean
This is what people's personalities look like based on their wallpaper Photo: Christin Klose/dpa
This is what people’s personalities look like based on their wallpaper Photo: Christin Klose/dpa

Modern cell phones have allowed their users to customize wallpapers, thus configuring selfies, family photos, photos of their pets, landscapes or images of their favorite movies or series, an activity that has already been analyzed by some experts and this is what they have concluded.

In the case of having for wallpapers pet pictures or other animals, an investigation by “Dimepiece LA” indicates that it would be evident how easy it is to connect and communicate with animals, but here the revealing fact is that they are people who tend to live in fantasy, psychologist Barbara Santini adds that this type of wallpaper “indicates a high level of creativity seen in your imagination.”

To the above, the professional Charles Griffiths adds that people who use this type of photos on their phones seek comfort in their pets when they have difficulties, they are sociable and easy to get along with, they also tend to be laid back and like minimalism.

Another group of device users who also opt for minimalism and simplicity in their lives are those who use the wallpapers that come by default and never change them, also revealing that they are very calm people and that they rarely meet annoying.

On the other hand, Charles Griffiths suggests that those who have couple photos In their wallpapers they like to show affection to their loved ones and brag about the love they have with their partner. The AAG expert also affirms that “you are someone loyal and that is why you love to show off the couple.”

As for the people who have selfies of themselves on cell phones, Barbara Santini assures that they are narcissistic people, very secure and very confident, although narcissistic traits prevail more than real self-confidence. Also, if someone notices your wallpaper, it won’t make a good impression.

The home users and who see their family members as a role model, will tend to configure on their devices family picturesAccording to Charles, they also consider that their largest support network is their parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.

On the side of those who enjoy having on their phones photographs of cities and landscapes they have visited, the same expert suggests that It would be people with high economic possibilities, since not everyone can afford to travel frequently.

These studies by psychoanalysis professionals have also been applied to profile photos on social networks, so if you want to know a little more about someone’s personality and you only have their Instagram or Facebook, these descriptions could help you. Get an idea of ​​who you are looking to deal with.

However, although “stalking” is a very common activity today, it is not recommended to do it excessively, in addition, it is worth considering this TechMarkup note to discover new aspects of yourself.