Volkswagen vs. Apple: CEO of the German brand says that CarPlay is dangerous for its vehicles

Volkswagen vs.  Apple: CEO of the German brand says that CarPlay is dangerous for its vehicles
Apple CarPlay.  (photo: UpGrade Peru)
Apple CarPlay. (photo: UpGrade Peru)

The interest of Manzana Y Google in the industry automotive It is not new, and they have made it clear that they are no longer just interested in providing “infotainment” solutions.

They both want their software integrate more deeply with automobiles for the long-awaited leap in quality; and what can be seen with the new Android Automotive Y CarPlay are clear examples of it. Nevertheless, to the CEO of volkswagenHerbert Diess did not like the idea at all.

In a recent interview with the German media outlet T3N, the CEO expressed his discontent at what he sees as big business attempts technological to take over the automotive sector. “Just three weeks ago, Apple announced that it wanted to take over all infotainment with CarPlay. Apple and Google want to take control of the client away from us, we must not allow that!” she commented.

But Diess’s complaints did not end there. He also said that You don’t want to have to say “Hey Siri” to access your Volkswagen information. “We have to defend the sovereignty of the client,” he added. And as if that weren’t enough, he says that if platforms like CarPlay become widespread, automakers they will be downgraded to simple “metal bending machines” by 2030.

Herbert Diess thinks the new CarPlay could be a threat

What Diess makes clear is that Apple and Google have found a vulnerability to exploit that car manufacturers have so far been unable to solve.

The software that currently powers the vast majority of the world’s cars, whether they are internal combustion, hybrid or electric, is not the best, as well as being very outdated. The obvious exception to the rule is that Tesla, through his approach as a software developer and hardware (instead of a conventional car manufacturer), has managed to get ahead of the competition.

But why does the CEO of Volkswagen understand that platforms like Android Automotive and CarPlay are a threat? Because precisely expose the main shortcomings of car manufacturers in the development of their software. It was never a priority, and now they are paying the price.

CarPlay.  (photo: Zacharie Scheurer/dpa)
CarPlay. (photo: Zacharie Scheurer/dpa)

Furthermore, Diess’ comment can also be seen as more than just an “attack” on Apple or Google for wanting to “take control” of the industry. Specifically, as a wake-up call not to be left behind in a branch as basic as the software; especially as automakers grapple with ultimate electrification.

However, the CEO’s expression is still very prominent. Especially when Audi Y porschetwo brands of the Volkswagen group, appeared on screen when Apple introduced the new CarPlay during the past WWDC.

Currently, Volkswagen has entrusted its software development to a subsidiary called CARY. “We are building a unified technology and software platform, which includes an operating system for vehicles, a cloud platform for vehicles and a new unified architecture for all Volkswagen Group brands,” the company’s website states.

CARYD.  (photo: Cariad/CNW Group/DXC Technology Company)
CARYD. (photo: Cariad/CNW Group/DXC Technology Company)

Apple: users will be able to pay and refuel without getting out of the vehicle with CarPlay

One of the new options that CarPlay will include in iOS 16 is the support for new categories Applications, including those that support ‘Fuel and Drive’. That means that if developers include these new APIs in their applications, users will be able to replenish and pay for gasoline without getting out of the car.

The feature is aimed more at the North American market, as chains like Sinclair appear to be considering using the technology. According to a Reuters statement, the company is particularly committed to “consumers being able to navigate to a Sinclair station and buy fuel from your vehicle’s navigation screen” without getting out of your car.

CarPlay.  (photo: Apple/dpa)
CarPlay. (photo: Apple/dpa)

According to Apple’s developer notes documenting the system, driving task apps will help enable all kinds of features a driver needs while driving and that are not completely related to navigation.

These features do not include typical navigation features, such as finding nearby stores, as customers must use maps for this. To read the full note, click on this link.