Vivo is the official mobile sponsor of the football club

Unusually, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will start at the end of the year, as it will be held in the desert of Qatar. This is the first football tournament in Asia since 2002 and the first in the Arabian Peninsula, which gives space for quite a few eastern brands to appear if they can pay the sponsorship fees. This was not a problem on the part of BBK Electronics last time either, and Vivo once again struck for the official and exclusively mobile partner title of the FIFA World Cup.

The Vivo X Fold+ can also kick a ball at the Qatari football stadium [+]

The brand’s logo will thus be present in many rounds and promotional events of the sports event, which will be held between November 20 and December 18, as well as expected mobile phones such as the Vivo X Fold+ with a bendable screen, or the iQOO that can be charged at 200 watts will also appear in Qatar. 10 Pro, although the latter runs under a semi-independent brand.

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