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VirtualityBA, the largest metaverse event in Latin America, will take place in Buenos Aires

The iconic VirtualityBA technology expo will take place in Buenos Aires on May 20 and 21, 2022 in the Ocre room of La Rural. The axis of this edition will be the metaverse.


It is expected to receive more than 20,000 visitors who seek not only to obtain more information about this new environment, but also to experience the sensation of being inside it.

At that time, this type of technology that tries to emulate a physical world through a digital scenario, began to position itself as a great tool to transform the world.


We knew that immersive technologies were gaining more and more ground and that they were going to play a key role in the future, but we never imagined that the pandemic would speed up the processes so much. At the same time that this was happening, other phenomena were happening such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other factors that would lead to what is now the metaverse,” said Julien Brun.

The main objective of the meeting is that through the interaction between the leading companies in the sector and those visitors who participate in the VirtualityBA experience, all the possibilities that will arise can be better understood. in the new virtual worlds, of which without a doubt, everyone will be a part at different levels.


“I had the opportunity to live for a few years in other countries. Before each trip I was going to take, I took the time to research each place. When I arrived at my destination, I already knew where I could study, which jobs were the best paying, the tourist places I was going to visit in my free time and a wide range of bars and restaurants that I couldn’t miss. Today I feel that Virtuality is going to help me prepare for my next great journey, the metaverse”, said Martin Pérez, member of the VirtualityBA team.

The event focuses on three pillars of the metaverse:

1. Immersive technologies


2. Blockchain, crypto and NFTs

3. Virtual worlds

“We are going to bring together great personalities and leading companies from the world of technology, more than 80 exhibitors, more than 40 speakers, talks from blockchain Y digital businessimmersive experiences, museum of NFT’s and many more surprises… I am sure that everyone who participates in VirtualityBA will have a great advantage in the metaverse”, highlights Gastón Abigador, who is also part of the VirtualityBA team.

Event highlights

It should be noted that there will be 80 exhibitors and about 40 speakers who are the main references in immersive technologies, blockchain and the crypto world.

The agenda of the talks that will be given in the “+Vivo” auditorium:

On the other hand, there will be different spaces to experience different applications of the digital universe in an interactive way:

Museum of Digital Art

The NFT and digital art museum “UXart” lands in this new edition of the Virtuality technology festival through a completely immersive artistic proposal.

The NFT museum will feature unique pieces currently exhibited at the Venice Biennale along with an extensive catalog of the great masters of kinetic art in holographic NFT format, augmented reality, 3D and Mapping.

Kinetic art is a current based on the aesthetics of movement and optical illusion. One of the greatest exponents of this artistic style is, precisely, Julio Le Parc who works with UXart.

The initiative took works reconstructed and curated by María José Herrera which offer new points of view, in immersive, hologram, 3D, AR and VR formats from masters of kinetic art such as Miguel Ángel Vidal, Eduardo MacEntyre, Eduardo Rodríguez, Ary Brizzi, Gyula Kosice, Rogelio Polesello, Cristian and Roger MacEntyre among others.

To make a parallel between the generative art of the 60s and contemporary art that uses Artificial Intelligence, there will be the presence of a piece specially created for this event by the contemporary generative lab directed by Beto Resano.

On the Pop Art side, works by the artist Marta Minujin are added to be enjoyed by everyone through their cell phones through Augmented Reality.

These can be enjoyed in the physical and virtual museum UXArt with the scoop of obtaining and buying a new collection of NFTs that SuperOrange, the museum’s Market place, will launch at this event.

This collection will allow access to exclusive preferential purchase lists of the other artists that are part of the Venice Biennale, in this first release it is a PFP project developed by the Spanish artist Marina Núñez.

Finally, Alberto Echegaray Guevara will participate in the museum with the physical sample of his Cryptoball in etherium and his smart work NFT which was presented at the Venice Biennale. The first smart NFT Cryptoball as the artist presents it, created by the Uxartlab/rdigital lab alliance.

Fuego de D10S: Maradona’s mythical car

Lucas Lucero and LeoEsperan, CEOs of TrickNfts, put up for sale the NFT collection of the legendary Renault Fuego GTA Max 91 coupe that belonged to Maradona for just under a year. Once the entire collection has been sold, it will be raffled off, among everyone who has purchased at least one NFT. If this is achieved during the event, the draw will be made right there.

how many NFT’s

There are 500,000 in 4 Phases and a thousand were sold in a week.

1.- 200,000 to $250 (80% discount)

2.- 100,000 to $500 (60% discount)

3.- 100,000 to $750 (40% discount)

4.- 100,000 to $1,250

Sand Sector

For those looking to fill themselves with new experiences, there will be an immersive space full of games, simulators, helmets, holograms, music and many more surprises.

TechMarkup VR Space

In TechMarkup Espacio VR you will be able to experience the sensation of being inside six great journalistic documentaries made by the portal. It is a virtual reality experience to have a different experience from the hand of this digital medium.

VR room

The Virtuality Bs As VR room will have 10 immersive device positions. How each edition will offer a selection of XR content of international quality and with a great presence of Argentine productions. Among the highlights we can mention the animation “Paper Birds” directed by Germán Heller from the prestigious local production company 3DAR or the documentary 360 “The Root is more important than the Flower” by Cristina Kotz Cornejo, one of the audiovisual teachers among the 5 best in the USA, according to Variety .

Workshop Space

It is a space where the most outstanding companies in the field will give training to deepen and acquire new knowledge in technology.

How to buy tickets

Tickets are now available for purchase and can be purchased from the official site, which is accessed by clicking here. Tickets can be paid in Argentine pesos or cryptocurrencies. Those who are not in Buenos Aires can purchase a cheaper virtual ticket to follow the event by streaming.

“The world is going to be a better place. We all know that global warming and excessive consumption in the West are directly related, but if we lower consumption on earth, people will lose their jobs. The metaverse is going to give us new possibilities of consuming without harming the planet, we are going to want things that do not yet exist and that those who are the first to understand the new world will be the ones to produce them and sell them to us”, explained Claudio Dicmonas , from VirtualityBA.

First technology fair in Latin America 100% carbon neutral

The growing concern about the carbon footprint linked to industry and technological processes has motivated various initiatives in the sector with the purpose of adjusting to the sustainable development objectives set forth in the Paris Agreement.

In this context, technology companies opt for more sustainable models, something that is not only better for the planet, but also provides greater productivity, lower costs and a better relationship of trust with users who demand more from political companies every day of sustainability and sustainability.

In this sense, the producers of the Virtuality fair set as an objective offset the emissions generated in the event and thus become the first 100% Carbon Neutral Technology Fair in Latin America.

This milestone is reached with the participation of GBM, a full-stack startup based on natural assets that uses web technology to regenerate the planet meter by meter. The operational and operational tasks of the event will be measured to determine the size of the footprint generated and thus calculate the number of square meters of forest that must be protected.

The GBM project already has an area of ​​24,500 hectares, the GS1 Reserve located in the Paraná jungle (Misiones). By acquiring a gbmland (NFTs) you are ensuring the preservation of 1 m2 of forest for 100 years, which is cared for and monitored by GBM’s technological equipment and security systems.

VirtualityBA will have the number of hectares corresponding to the estimate of the carbon footprint generated by the event, thus inaugurating the Virtuality Jungle in the GBM metaverse.


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