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Viral challenge: where is the hidden snake

Social media is the natural space for viral content to flourish. And this goes not only for funny videos but also for content that seeks to challenge the intellect, eyesight or creative capacity of users.


The viral challenge mentioned here is to find the snake hidden in the image. The idea is to find the animal, if possible, in about 7 or 8 seconds. If that time is not enough, it can be extended a few more seconds. Like any challenge, the aim is to appeal to the speed of resolution.

In this case, the ability to see hidden details comes into play. As it is an image with many objects and colorful, the difficulty is precisely in being able to discern between so many options that function as distractions to the user’s view.


The important thing is to take a few seconds to look at the painting carefully. At first, the painting should be approached in its entirety and then slowly scan each corner. It is very possible that what you are looking for is in unexpected places or camouflaged between objects that have a similar coloration.

The Viral Riddle Solution:

A series of activities are known as riddles or viral challenges, which can be on various topics, such as mathematics, riddles, object relationships, among others. The purpose is to arouse people’s interest to find answers in a playful way.


In each case different issues are appealed to. There are usually many challenges that are based on photos and graphics, taking advantage of the visual nature that many social networks have.

Many puzzles are intended to be a form of hobby where the focus is on appealing to intuition or reasoning ability. This is the case of the challenges that are based on the use of logic.

Sometimes you have to find errors in the images. This is the case of this photograph where you can see a scene in the snow. At first, nothing stands out, but when looking in detail or by fragments, it will be seen that there are several things out of place. In total there are five errors. The challenge is to find them in a few seconds, as in the previous case.


Here you not only have to sharpen your eyes but also your intellect. The idea is that the user sees what are the things that are not consistent with the global scene that is a winter situation, with low temperatures in the snow.

Here is the solution:

the first mistake consists of the person who is rollerblading down the mountain. Clearly here you should be with some skis, sled or snowboard but without a doubt the skates with wheels, which are used for the pavement are out of place in this case.

the other big mistake It is the boy in front of the photo, who is dressed in summer. It doesn’t make sense for him to be in shorts and a T-shirt in this wintry context.

The person holding the camera does it upside down and that is the third error of this image. You should point the camera in the direction of the people you want to photograph, unless you want to take a selfie but that’s not the case from what you can see.

The train tracks around the mountain are the fourth error in this image. There is no point in finding that infrastructure around that little mound of snow.

By last there is the animal that peeks out from behind the tree eating totally green grass and on which not a speck of snow can be seen. Another point that does not agree with the rest of the represented situation.


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