Violeta Isfel will open a call for fans to be godparents at her wedding: “I want a super party”

Violeta Isfel will open a call for fans to be godparents at her wedding: "I want a super party"
Violeta Isfel will soon get married by the civilian (Photo: Instagram/@violetaisfel)

Although Violeta Isfel and Raúl Bernal had a marriage ceremony in 2019, this year the actress who gave life to the character of antonella in the soap opera Dare to dream confessed that he is planning a new wedding, that she will contract a civil marriage with her current husband.

But, in addition to that, the famous revealed that she is thinking of including her fans in the plans, because she wants to open a call so that several of them act as their godparents.

It was through a meeting with the media broadcast by come the joywhere Isfel said that this initiative is not only for her followers to be closer to her at such a special moment.

“Then we see the search for our godparents, put out the call for all of us to participate. I want a super party… to make a licuachela, “he began to say.

Likewise, the actress explained that, with this initiative, she intends to support and give visibility to small businessmen who seek boost your business.

Violeta Isfel is excited about the wedding (IG:violetisfel)
Violeta Isfel is excited about the wedding (IG:violetisfel)

“But we also want, apart from adding them, to support those small entrepreneurs that we also once went with Isfel Burgers and what you need most is that: support. And why not let the public be our godparents?

In this situation, Maribel Guardia did not remain silent and pointed out that she was willing to be one of the godmothers and, with her characteristic sense of humor, she did not hesitate to joke with her friend.

“I’m going to buy your gift in La Lagunilla”, pointed.

To this, Violeta said that she had no problem and that she would even possibly go to this part of Mexico City to stock up on things for the celebration.

“It would be nice, right? if I grew up in La Lagunilla. Coming to CDMX, which by the way I lived my whole life between Ecatepec and Coacalco, Coming to Lagunilla was quite an adventure, because here you find everything”, he commented.

After presenting the note, drivers in come the joy They began to debate whether they would be godparents of the famous. For its part, Horacio Villalobos was reluctant and pointed out that he was not very close to Violeta Isfel.

However, Flor Rubio promised to be the godmother of sweets and Ricardo Casares said that he was not in a situation that would allow him to sponsor a wedding right now.

What happened to Violeta Isfel’s hamburger restaurant

Last January Violeta Isfel revealed that she suffers from depressiondisorder that came into his life because he had to to close Isfel Burgers and had undergone a hormone treatment in order to conceive a second son.

Violeta Isfel spoke about her restaurant (IG:violetisfel)
Violeta Isfel spoke about her restaurant (IG:violetisfel)

Thus, during a recent interview that the famous had with TechMarkup Mexicoindicated that he does think about making a reopening; however, for now does not have set dates to be able to launch their hamburgers again.

And it is that after almost half a year of succeeding with her business, the actress had to close it last January, since the debts they began to surround her because “As a small entrepreneur, she made many mistakes”.

Now, in the midst of a process of learning and restructuring almost everything in Isfel Burgersthe reopening has been proposed as a project in the medium and long term, but it is willing to make it real again.