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Viki: like Netflix, streaming dramas limits screens

Imagem de: Viki: aos moldes da Netflix, streaming de doramas limita telas

Not so good news for drama fans. From now on, Rakuten Viki, streaming focused only on South Korean works, will have limited screens for simultaneous reproductions, depending on the paid plan chosen by the user. The information can already be found on the official website of the company, which had its platform launched in Brazil in 2016 and which continues to grow more and more in the country.

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  • Viki: get to know the ‘free’ streaming of dramas and Asian productions

Like other streaming services available on the market, such as Netflix, for example, Rakuten Viki will work as follows: the platform has two paid plans, which are Viki Pass Standard and Viki Pass Plus. The first of them, which costs US$ 4.99 (about RS$ 26.01 at current prices), provides only one screen. The second, valued at US$ 6.99 (about 36.44), offers four simultaneous screens. That is, the more the user pays, the more screens he will have available to follow his favorite dramas.

  • Viki Pass Plus plan – up to four screens
  • Viki Pass Standard – one screen

The novelty applies to North, Central and South America. The seven-day free period for new streaming users is also still valid.

Check out what each Viki plan offers in detail:

Currently, Rakuten Viki has two paid plans; check out the details of each one!Source: Rakuten Viki / Playback

Rakuten Viki: is it worth subscribing to streaming dramas?

Rakuten Viki has an extensive and varied catalog of Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese and Taiwanese productions — in all, there are about 1,500 titles available, including movies, series, reality shows, K-pop attractions and more. The doramas, as South Korean dramas are called, however, are the great attraction of the platform.

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It is also important to point out that, despite the paid plans, Viki has some free content for those who want to try out the platform (something similar to what HBO Max does), in addition to the already known seven days free for those interested in testing the premium service options. The watch party features and custom subtitles, made by users of the platform itself, are also important differentials.

Therefore, if you are a fan of dramas, Viki can be a great option, but of course, everything will depend on your pocket.

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