Videos | The Simpsons created these 6 technological inventions with Homer and Lisa

Videos |  The Simpsons created these 6 technological inventions with Homer and Lisa
Chief Knock-A-Homer. (photo: YouTube)

The franchise of The Simpson is undoubtedly one of the series Y films most successful in recent years. The stories of the yellow family with Homer (father), Maggie (mother), Bart (eldest son), Lisa (second daughter) and Maggie (youngest daughter) are generally a reflection of American society.

Its success is huge because since 2017, World Simpsons Day is celebrated every April 19.

TechMarkup has made a tour of 5 moments where Homer Simpson and his family invented or used some technological device such as robotswireless hearing aids, sunglasses augmented reality and much more.

1. Robot Boss Knock-A-Homer

East was a robot built by Homer to fight on the TV show Robot Rumble. Homer built the robot to impress his son. Bart.

Chief Knock-A-Homer looked like an oversized mailbox, with three wheels on the bottom, a window to the front, flexible arms (with grabbing hooks) on the sides, and an Indian war headdress on top. of his head. Knock-A-Homer’s main boss weapon was a hammer, but he was able to disarm opponents and use his own weapons against them.

Homer designed Chief Knock-A-Homer so that an operator (himself) can stand inside it, pedal a trike, and put their arms into the robot’s, to do things like spin the hammer. However, because the robot included a remote control, Bart thought that his father was controlling the robot.

Homer later confessed to Bart that the remote was doing nothing except supplying electrical shocks, which Homer had set up for the purpose of helping him maintain his competitive advantage.

Chief Knock-A-Homer, The robot created by Homer Simpson

2. Robot Linguo

language is a language corrector robot that Lisa created for the school Science Fair. He was destroyed by an overload of language glitches, which caused the Springfield mob. The only important appearance of him was in the chapter ‘Trilogy of error’.

And it is that finally, it only fulfilled an important role in “Trilogy of the error’, where Lisa creates it for the Science Fair of the school. The robot had a very bad lexicon from listening to Legs and Louie. This causes its owner to euthanize it. In the end Linguo’s head falls at Homer’s feet.

He reappears briefly in the chapter ‘The tree house of terror XVIII’, where he makes a small cameo: he is seen among many of Bart’s toys. He in turn appears in the opening scene of the first episode of season 28.

Linguo, the robot created by Lisa Simpson

3. Homer’s website

In the episode called ‘The computer threat’ (in Latin America), Homer decides to create his own Web page which, as a distinctive feature, is full of GIF’s animations and sounds.

This page caused a stir in Springfield, since the portal served as ‘informative site’where intimate information about other characters in the series could be found, all under the pseudonym of ‘Mr. X’.

homer simpson and his website

4. Lisa and the MyPods

In the episode ‘Mypods and Dynamite’, Lisa discovers the store Maple which clearly alludes to the AppleStore. There he discovers the MyPods and is fascinated by them.

He mentions the high price of the products in the store and even tries to solve his lack of money to buy music with ‘Steve Mobbs’.

Lisa and the mypods

5. Homer and the “whatever key”

In one of the most commented and viralized episodes in the history of The Simpsons, Homer is seen doing home office.

Try to connect on the computer, and undertakes an unsuccessful search to find “any key”. Homer is going through the steps to boot up his computer and has to press any key to connect but he can’t.

“Which one is anyone? I see the Esc, Ctrl, and Pgup, but it doesn’t have the Any key!” she muses.

homer simpson and the random key which editorial does it belong to:

6. Homer and augmented reality glasses

In the chapter “Specifications and the city” Mr. Burns gives all his employees augmented reality glasses very similar to those Gafas Google.

In this case they are called ‘Oogle Goggles’ and allow you to view information about all users and objects in the environment. This is a plan by the owner of the nuclear plant to have all his employees controlled.

Homer and the google glass