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Videos | Mark Zuckerberg showed off his Quest Pro glasses while fencing with two Olympic medalists

 Videos |  Mark Zuckerberg showed off his Quest Pro glasses while fencing with two Olympic medalists
Mark Zuckerberg practices fencing with the Quest Pro, his mixed reality goggles. (photo: Instagram/Mark Zuckerberg)

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, posted a video on his social networks in which practice fencing against a virtual opponent in mixed reality and does it using the color pass-throughone of the features of the viewer quest-pro.

Fencing in the metaverse with world number one Olympic gold medalist Lee Kiefer and second Olympic medalist Gerek Meinhardt. Using our new high-end VR headset coming out next month with mixed reality, meaning you can see virtual objects (like your fencer friends) alongside the physical world around you,” says Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook and Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg plays fencing in virtual reality

The physical environment is detected by built-in sensors, reconstructed in color and depth in the lenses, and augmented with digital elements (the opponent and a whiteboard displaying the score). This is how analog and digital reality merge.

The reality of the Quest Pro

Before the official launch, a video of Meta’s new virtual reality glasses was leaked on social networks a few weeks ago. It was spread by a user named Ramiro Cardenas, streamer of video game in Mexico, who assured that the glasses were forgotten by an employee of the company technological in a hotel room where he works.

The virtual reality glasses found by Cárdenas were black, had three front cameras and had a new look that eliminated the open circle design of the existing model. In fact, they looked a lot like cambria project of Meta and were similar to a model seen in a video of instructions that had been previously leaked.

The Quest Pro leaked by an employee.  (photo: Ramiro Cardenas)
The Quest Pro leaked by an employee. (photo: Ramiro Cardenas)

The package had the label “Meta Quest Pro” stamped in the upper left corner and a graphic showing the headphones and controllers. Also, on the box it says that the device was not authorized for resale. Additionally, it was shown in the upper right that the storage was 256 GB.

Specifically, the images were shared by Ramiro Cárdenas in the comments section of a publication in the Oculus Quest 2 Facebook group. He then indicated that the owner returned to the hotel to claim the lost glasses.

Meta Quest Pro Specifications

Meta has revealed that the next headset incorporates a system of eye tracking Y face tracking to control avatars in social experiences. Months ago, analysts leaked some information about the Meta Quest Pro. These are the possible specifications:

– Two 2160×2160 Mini-LED LCD panels.

– Specialized sensors for color passthrough.

– The import logs suggest that it will have 12 GB of RAM.

– Several trackings to have a complete immersion (hand, eye, face)

– The price is the great unknown because with so many new features, it is clear that it will have a high cost.

The Quest Pro will be officially announced in ConnectMeta’s annual AR/VR event on October 11 next.

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