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Videos | iPhone turns 16 and this is how Steve Jobs presented it in 2007

 Videos |  iPhone turns 16 and this is how Steve Jobs presented it in 2007
Steve Jobs presented the telephone that would revolutionize communication in January 2007.

On January 9 of the year 2007, Steve Jobs announced in front of an auditorium in the city of San Francisco that Manzana had dedicated years of research to develop a product that combined three concepts that were part of people’s daily lives at the time: a phonea iPod (the music player of Manzana) and a communication device by Internet.

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“Today Manzana will reinvent the phoneJobs said in his presentation to the audience of the conference Macworld of Apple and assured that at that time the devices that were considered smartphones were not easy to use, since they had a screen small, lots of keys that weren’t needed, and other extra features that were common in other cell phones.

A screen larger, no buttons, the ability to play music, easy to use and connected to Internet, were the first promises that the deceased CEO of the company offered the audience that, six months later, in June of that same year, was able to purchase an iPhone for a price between $499 Y $599.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple presents the company’s first iPhone in 2007

“The iphone It is a revolutionary product that is five years ahead of any other cell phone,” he said. jobs during the presentation in which he also stated that a accessory to use the screen, but you could touch with your fingers and make gestures with your hand thanks to a technology called multitouch.

Since then, 16 years after its first presentation in the United States, sales of the iphone gradually increased until they exceeded 2 billion units in the year 2021 with the departure of the iPhone 13 and its different versions. Currently there are more than 30 different versions, from the first to the most recent, which was presented by Tim Cookcurrent CEO of Manzana in September of last year.

Auctions and collecting of followers of the brand

Almost two decades after being launched on the market, currently Manzana no longer manufactures early models of the iphonewhich were discontinued on the market in 2008. Over time, the devices disappeared, but they acquired collectible value and are currently auctioned for several thousand dollars, thus exceeding the initial value they had when they were launched on the market.

First-generation iPhone (Apple Insider)
First-generation iPhone (Apple Insider)

The most recent case of a high payment for a iphone of the first generation occurred in the auction house premium LCG, which held an auction between September 30 and October 16 of last year. The device was in perfect condition and in its original box, so it was sold for a price of $39,340a price that exceeds by 6,500% its original price of $599, speaking of the most expensive version when it was sold by Manzana.

Current sales crisis and iPhone 15

However, despite the success represented by the arrival of the iphone to the technology market, currently Apple has been facing a reduction in the sales of some devices such as the iPhone 14Plusso changes are being studied to boost sales of future models of the iPhone 15.

According to analysts who specialize in company products, rumors indicate that the Cupertino company is studying a reduction in the prices of the basic models of the next iPhone 15 (regular and Plus). In addition, they would be evaluating increasing the differences that exist between these and the premium models (Pro and Pro Max), which will probably be presented in september this year as usual.

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