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Videos and location: aspects that predators can obtain from boys and girls in Internet games

It is inevitable that the girls use electronic devices and connect to the Internet, in part because the digitalization of life has forced everyone, without exception, to carry out activities online. Also, now it may be easier to play with electronic devices than to go outsidefor this reason, parents must be alert to the potential risks that minors could face.


In accordance with NPD Groupabout 63% of children between the ages of 2 and 17 use mobile devices to play games.

Some video game require the user to enter various data to create a profile and connect to the Interneta situation that could be virtually dangerous, since there are predators that take advantage of this to establish communication with minors in game chats.


However, even if there is such a possibility, It is not necessary to prohibit children from accessing their games or the Internet, but as responsible adults, be aware of the sites they visit and the users they talk to, an act that must be followed inside and outside the virtual world.

Tastes, schedules and location of the children

The safety of minors on the Internet should not be taken lightly, as there are criminals who could take advantage of your ingenuity to steal personal data such as tastes, preferences, schedules and even the location of the minor.


But in addition to being able to collect all that information, there is possibility of obtaining images or videos recorded in the domestic or family environmentwhich represents a risk to your security.

Luckily, in the frame of the little boy and the girlthe INAI (National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data) in Mexico, points out that without adequate control, personal data can fall into the hands of unknown or cyber criminals.

It indicates that the risks they represent in terms of security and protection of personal data are the same with devices connected to the Internet as with smart toys.


Thus, the dependency issues the following recommendations:

1.- Identify what personal data will be used, for what purpose and if they are shared with third parties.

2.- Read the terms and conditions related to the protection of personal data.

3.- Verify the way in which consent is requested and provided for the use of personal data on the devices.

4.- Review the information or the means to exercise the ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition).

5. Identify if the connected toy can record, understand some words or phrases, take pictures or capture video of users.

6.- Check if it uses GPS location data and, where appropriate, make it clear how to disable it.

7.- If the toy connects with an application, verify how the connection and the data exchanged during use are made and protected.

8.- Turn off the toy when it is not being used to prevent it from continuing to collect data.

9.- Be cautious with the personal data that is entered in electronic toys.

In this way, children will be able to continue playing on the Internet and using electronic or intelligent devices with less risk. Even so, it is best that tutors are always aware of their activities and friends inside and outside the digital world so that they do not become the prey of an abuser.


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