Video: Tesla robots that transport merchandise to the rhythm of Mario Bros

Tesla gigafactory.  (photo: The Colombian Car)

The gigafactory of Tesla stands out for its incredible size, technology and high level of vehicle production, but they are also full of curious little details that only workers or users have access to in the new facilities.

The last mentioned, exactly, is what happened to Kal Penn. The actor, while visiting the Nevada Gigafactory, noticed an absurd but amusing oddity: robots that transported goods from one place to another using the classic tone of Mario Bros.

“I am in the Tesla Gigafactory and there are robots playing Super Mario Bros”, mentioned while the actor is surprised in a TikTok published just a few hours ago and has accumulated 2,729 ‘likes’ since the writing of this article.

Tesla gigafactory. (photo: The Colombian Car)

The robots, which transport components for the production of Tesla vehicles, they appear to include speakers at a volume low enough not to disturb workers. But with the intention that the typical Mario Bros music is recognized when someone passes a few meters from them.

Although it is the first time that something like this can be seen in one of the Tesla factories, the truth is that the company has added fun features, but there is really nothing functional in their different vehicles.

Other fun and curious features on your vehicles at the Gigafactory

For example, it is possible to make the Tesla Model X dances through ‘Party Mode’. In particular, this one plays a melody at maximum volume while synchronizing the light and the movement of the door to the rhythm of the music.

There is also an option for the car seats to emit a fart sound Or even a racing game where the driver is the driver of the car itself.

Tesla Model X. (Photo: REUTERS/Francois Lenoir)
Tesla Model X. (Photo: REUTERS/Francois Lenoir)

Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada also has other oddities that could be much more useful and interesting. One of them is that the roof becomes a place to install solar panels in order to feed the plant itself.

Thanks to this, and with the various environmental measures that the company implements in its factory, the Gigafactory will receive a Class 1 air quality permit. This certification will allow Tesla to emit more than 10 tons of regulated pollutants and more than 25 tons of atmospheric hazards each year.

The Tesla Gigafactory is the most efficient and operational in the entire US

According to the Bloomberg ranking made in January of this year, based on its vehicle production tracker, these are the five most productive factories within the United States:

1. Tesla in Fremont, California: 8,550 cars per week

2. Toyota in Georgetown, Kentucky: 8,427 cars per week

3. BMW in South Carolina: 8,343 cars per week

4. Toyota in Princeton, Indiana: 8,200 cars per week

5. Ford in Kentucky: 7,600 cars weekly

Tesla gigafactory.  (photo: REUTERS/Bob Strong)
Tesla gigafactory. (photo: REUTERS/Bob Strong)

The achievement is extremely important, considering that less than five years ago Tesla was seriously considering being acquired by another company. In 2017 and 2018 the company went through “production hell” as they were unable to speed up the assembly line of the Model 3.

Things have changed quite a bit in recent years. The Tesla Model 3 has become the electric car best-selling car in history and, for example, in Europe it became the best-selling car in general in September 2021.

The Tesla Model Y is growing in sales practically exponentially and the company aims to make it the best-selling vehicle in the worldabove the Toyota Corolla.