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Video games for dogs that help prevent canine dementia

video games for dogs (photo: Joipaw)

The video game for dogs they are a reality. The furry ones in a house can now enjoy their own video games and although it may be the craziest idea that has been seen in a long time, they are already available on the internet.


An American firm aims to create games to allow domestic dogs to enjoy the entertainment provided by video games. This recommendation led them to develop video games that are logically very different from those of humans.

Well, it would be illogical to think that they would adapt Fortnite either call of duty so a dog could play it. Of course the idea would be absolutely awesome and if the dog manages to complete Call of Duty, Internet and the social networks they would go crazy.


Leaving that suggestion aside, although who wouldn’t want this to be possible, TechMarkup below explains what these video games for dogs are like and what their purpose is.

This is how these video games for dogs work


According to the video posted by JoiPaw, the video games they develop are quite simple in their mechanics. Of course, there is something special about them and that is that for dogs to enjoy this entertainment they need a touch screen.

This innovation is a system made up of a tracker and a video game console for dogs specifically designed to detect over time health problems Y unusual behavior. Said tracker, which has been created by Dersim Avdar and Marco Jenny, is used to measure canine health, while the console is capable of providing exact data on the animal’s mood.

The Joipaw tracker is attached to the animal’s neck to record certain activities (steps, rest times, play times, and walk times) to send the data to an app that helps assess its health. This application sends notices to dog owners when it detects a anomaly in the animal’s health after analyzing the data collected by the tracker and the video game.

Dogs use video games to avoid canine dementia.


“Just imagine an owner being told ahead of time if their dog is showing signs of joint problems or canine dementia, signs that a human would have a hard time noticing quickly, but can be sent to the vet for better diagnosis and treatment. ”, shared the company in a statement about their products.

“The company offers a holistic approach to preventative dog health care. Cognitive and physical stimulation is combined in the form of a console adapted to the dog, a wearable and a software platform that allows monitoring of a dog’s health indicators”, he adds.

video games for dogs (photo: Joipaw)
video games for dogs (photo: Joipaw)

There is also another level where different objects appear on the screen and the dog has to use his nose to locate that object. Logically, for a dog to understand a video game, it must be trained with reinforcements, such as treats.

“Beyond the entertainment side, the company’s goal is to help dogs lead healthier lives through enrichment and bonding with their owners, and it also wants to show the world what smart dogs are because humans tend to empathize and take better care of others when a person realizes that they are closer to one than they think”, he concludes.

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