Victim’s mother Dahmer criticizes Evan Peters for winning the Golden Globes

Months after its debut, the series dahmer keep talking. This time, the mother of one of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer criticized the victory of Evan Peters in the Golden Globes. The actor won in the category Best Actor in a Limited Series or Anthology.

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Shirley, mother of Tony Hughes, murdered by the serial killer in 1991, gave an interview to TMZ talking about awarding Peters. “There are many sick people all over the world. And people who get roles as killers maintain that obsession, and that makes sick people thrive on fame.”

In the interview, she claims that nothing good will come of Evan’s award for the Netflix series. “It only adds to the pain of the families of the people Dahmer killed, repeating the tragedy over and over again.” Shirley Hughes also points out that Peters’ acceptance speech made no mention of Dahmer’s victims or their families, who are still in mourning today.

The actor has yet to comment on Shirley Hughes’ speech.

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The controversial discussion about the series is not new. In October, the families of Dahmer’s victims came forward to say they were excluded from the show’s development process.

Series creator Ryan Murphy soon spoke out. “We reached out to about twenty family members and friends of the victims trying to get information, trying to talk to them, but not a single person got back to us during the process,” Murphy revealed.

“So we put more trust in our amazing group of researchers who… I don’t even know how they found so much stuff. But it was like a night and day effort to try and uncover the truth from these people,” he said.

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