“Venom 3” is being created. Sony, have pity or finally make a good movie

Sony Pictures studio presented a lot of new information about its upcoming productions during this year’s CinemaCon. Among the announcements and announcements was also one dedicated to the sequel “Venom 2: Carnage”. The next movie has officially been given the green light. Venom 3 has to be better or it will end up like Morbius.


The creation of the third part of the series with Tom Hardy in the lead role is not a great ending. Venom was an absolute global hit and grossed $ 856 million in the global box office. The success of ” Venom 2: Carnage ” was less ($ 502 million), but still enough to give the green light to another film with the unofficial title of “Venom 3″. Sony Pictures should be very vigilant, otherwise it will end up with an extremely expensive and not so profitable sequel.

” Morbius”clearly showed that the strategy of investing in solo movies about characters from the Spider-Man universe is not an obvious self-play. It’s not enough to take just anyone from comics and you already have a hit in your hands. Production with Jared Leto earned just 156 million in less than a month from its premiere. It will not be a financial flop, but it will not bring great profit for the studio. How can you be sure that the films about Kraven the Hunter with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Madame Web with Dakota Johnson or “El Muerto” announced tonight will make a better profit? this group is by far the most recognizable and popular hero, but “Venom 3” will inevitably attract viewers less than the first part.


Venom 3 has to be better than Venom, Morbius or Venom 2: Carnage. Otherwise, failure awaits him.

At this stage, probably no one will fool the Sony Pictures bosses into their smooth statements about the connected Spider-Man universe. It’s impossible to make three weak movies in a row by accident. And yet the two parts of “Venom” at least contained some references to the comic book story. “Morbius” made fools of people and cheated in the trailers , and then the end result looked tragic. We got a disastrous movie whose links to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man or even Venom are barely noticeable. Venom 3 cannot repeat similar mistakes.


What will the next part of this story tell? At this stage, one can only speculate as we are at an extremely early stage of pre-production. However, the films “Venom 2: Carnage” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home” provide a few hints. Hardy’s hero ultimately did not join the MCU, which many fans were hoping for. He appeared in that universe for a moment and disappeared immediately. Most likely, he returned to his world.

This would mean that “Venom 3” will continue the threads from the previous parts. At the end of “Venom 2” Carnage, the red symbiote and its host are killed at the hands of Eddie Brock and Venom. Previously, policeman Pat Mulligan (played by Stephen Graham) is infected. Comic book readers know that this marks the debut on the big screen of Toxin (the acting In the name of the offspring of Venom and Carnage) And the return of Cletus Kasady should not be ruled out, as Carnage has repeatedly come back to life after taking damage that would kill any other villain.


Venom 3 has no release date yet. CinemaCon Sony Pictures also announced the sequel to “Ghostbusters: Legacy” and revealed the title of “Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse”, ie 3.


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