VASP plane hijacking in Brazil will become a Disney movie; Look!

Art imitates life. Disney announced that it will make a film of the case of the hijacking of the Boeing 375 plane, from Viação Aérea São Paulo (VASP), which took place in 1988, in Brazil.


There is still not much information about the feature, but the casting has already started and filming will take place in São Paulo.

VASP plane hijacked in 1988Source: Correio Brasiliense

The case of the Boeing 375


On September 29, 1988, the aircraft departed from Porto Velho International Airport, in Rondônia, bound for Galeão International Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, with 103 people on board.

However, one of the passengers, identified as Raimundo Nonato Alves da Conceição, announced a kidnapping and ordered the pilots to divert the route towards Brasília.


His intention was to crash the aircraft into the Planalto Palace, seat of the presidency’s office, to hit the then president José Sarney. The pilot managed to land in Goiânia and the hijacker was fatally shot by the police. The case had a lot of repercussion in the national media at the time.

After the crime was carried out, it was discovered that the 28-year-old kidnapper had lost his job because of the economic crisis that the country was experiencing at the time and understood that President Sarney was to blame.

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