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Valve releases Steam Deck CAD files: anyone can print a cover

Sony Steam Deck CAD files

About two weeks after the official release date , scheduled for February 28, Valve has made the CAD file for the Steam Deck external shell available on GitLab , which will allow anyone to create customized accessories or protective cases. Offering it under a Creative Commons license, not only producers, but also modders or simple 3D printing enthusiasts will be able to create their own case using technical drawings and schemes.

Hello! Good news for all experimenters, modders, accessory manufacturers or people who want to make 3D prints of the Steam Deck to “touch it”. Today we have released the CAD files for the external structure (surface topology) of the Steam Deck, available under a Creative Commons license. Includes an STP and STL model and drawings (DWG) as references.


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Sony Steam Deck CAD files
credit: hdblog

The decision taken by Valve is certainly very interesting since no one will have any constraints in the construction of cases. Valve itself said it was “impatient” to see what the community was able to create. An approach in stark contrast to that adopted by Sony with its PlayStation 5 which has suppressed any kind of initiative regarding the creation of replacement bodies for its console by third parties.

We remind you that Valve’s handheld console will be available starting February 28 for those who have made reservations. Starting from 7 pm on February 25th, those who have reserved the device will receive an e-mail containing the instructions to complete the purchase and from that moment they will have 72 hours to complete the transaction and receive their portable console.

When Sony’s newest console was released with only one colour option, a whole cottage industry sprouted up to make colourful plates for the PS5. Sony, on the other hand, promptly shut down such initiatives before announcing a set of first-party covers for customers to buy.


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