VALORANT new agent Neon: first teaser release

VALORANT, the shooter of Riot games, works on periodic content. Of course, the company seeks to keep everything a secret to surprise gamers; However, a few days ago, via Prime Gaming, the first image of Neon, the next agent in the shooter, was leaked.

In the leaks, it had already been revealed that he would have electrical abilities. Well, now you can see it in action. “Our newest Manila-born agent is entering the scene with Episode 4: Disruption. Fasten your laces and get ready, ”the teaser description reads.

The video begins with Sage welcoming agent Neon to the team. In a moment when he closes his eyes, you can see the review of his skills. It will have a speed higher than that of the other characters, and it can even be dragged on the ground to surprise enemies.


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On the other hand, it will have a grenade in the same style as KAY / O and is the first agent to have a double wall that blocks vision. Of course. The lop that attracts the most attention is his ultimate ability.

Not only does he gain speed, but he will now use his own hands to launch a bolt of lightning that deals damage per second to other Operators. If you combine this ability with a flash and smoke, you can open a bomb very aggressively.

VALORANT new agent Neon teaser

Of course, while the teaser provides us a few indications, we won’t know the specifics of Neon’s skills or what they accomplish until Riot makes an official announcement about them before her debut.


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