VALORANT: Brazil is the surprise of the year after reaching the Masters 2022 final

Riot Games ‘ shooter VALORANT is holding its first international tournament of the 2022 season in Iceland. Latin America had three representatives: KRÜ Esports, Ninjas in Pajamas and LOUD, the first from Argentina and the other two from Brazil.


Unfortunately, Sergio Agüero’s club was one of the first eliminated after not adding victories in the group stage and Ninjas in Pajamas failed to overcome ZETA DIVISION on the last date of this same instance of the tournament.

Everything was in the hands of LOUD. This team has been the big surprise of the qualifiers. Let us remember that he went directly to the playoffs after qualifying for the Brazilian tournament.


They beat Team Liquid 2-1, sent G2 Esports to the lower bracket after a humiliating 2-0 series, and today, April 22, took on OpTic Gaming in the upper bracket finals.

The series began with a landslide victory for OpTic Gaming by 13 to 2. However, LOUD would respond with two consecutive victories that would give them a pass to the 2022 Masters Grand Final.

Masters Semifinal 2022

  • OpTic Gaming vs. ZETA DIVISION – 12:00 pm

On April 23, at 12 noon, OpTic Gaming and ZETA DIVISION will meet in the final of the lower bracket to define the second finalist. It will also be a series of three games that you can follow through the official Twitch and YouTube channels of VALORANT Latam.

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