Valentine’s Day: smartphones and headphones are the most desired gifts

A new MindMiners survey commissioned by Samsung outlined the profile of Brazilian consumers looking to gift their loved one on Valentine’s Day this year. And smartphones appear at the top of the list.

The survey heard 370 men and women over 18 years old in classes A, B and C between March 23 and 31, 2023, revealing that 250 people plan to buy an electronic device as a gift. The rest had not decided on the gift until then.

Smartphone is the most wanted gift for Valentine’s Day

The survey reveals that smartphones are the most sought-after electronics for 78% of respondents who have already decided on the gift. The 58% who have not yet decided on the gift plan to purchase a smartphone.

For the group that has already decided on the gift, smartphones are followed by wireless headphones or a smartwatch (with 48%), a notebook (52%), a TV (40%) or a tablet (36%).

Those who are still undecided consider, in addition to the smartphone, a new wireless headset (41%), smartwatch (40%), notebook (39%), TV (28%) or tablet (28%).

Smartphone memory is the most important

For respondents who intend to give a smartphone as a gift, 43% consider the internal memory as the most important item and 36% point to the amount of RAM memory. Another 34% pay attention to camera quality and 31% to battery life.

For 39% of consumers who are going to gift their loved one with a notebook, the amount of RAM is the most important thing. Another 33% consider the processor as a main factor, while 30% analyze the internal storage.

Regarding headphones, 42% of respondents seek the best sound quality, while 39% pay attention to the quality and finish of the product. For smartwatches, 42% prefer products with water resistance. As for TVs, 44% of consumers analyze the quality of the product and 35% the size of the screen.

Samsung is the preferred brand for gifting

The interview also reveals that Samsung is the most highly regarded brand across all product categories. In smartphones, the manufacturer is preferred by 75% of consumers surveyed. In wireless headphones, 74% consider a company product, while 73% opt for a branded smartwatch. Another 81% intend to buy a Samsung Smart TV, 77% a tablet from the company and 70% a notebook from the manufacturer.

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