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Valentine’s Day Movies- we checked what is worth watching in the cinema, on VOD and on TV

Valentine's Day Movies

Valentine’s Day is already this Monday, which means romantic meetings, visits to the cinema, and watching TV series together under a blanket. What novelties have been prepared by cinemas, VOD services and Polish television for this time. There will be no shortage of high-profile hits and romantic stories, but also completely different stories for people who want a change from St. Valentine.

What series and movies for Valentine’s Day will we have the opportunity to watch this year? The owners of cinemas and multiplexes have made an effort because they want to make the best of the fact that the authorities did not close them for Valentine’s Day. That is why, from yesterday, you can watch a lot of news on the big screen, including films such as “Krime Story, Love Story” or “Marry me”. Some VOD services have also prepared strong premieres, and TV stations will also try to tempt those who are a bit more old-school in love with their offer.


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Valentine’s Day Movies and serial news – what to watch at the weekend?

Valentine’s Day falls this year on Monday, so not everyone will be able to spend it with the chosen person because of work. That’s why many people will probably meet on a date the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, cinemas and VOD services were ready for it. Many of the most interesting productions are available from Friday, and others will appear soon. What exactly are we going to watch for Valentine’s Day?

marry me

“Marry Me” is the newest American romantic comedy in a classic style. The plot of the production revolves around an unusual meeting of a betrayed music star and a random man who appeared at her concert. Desperate and hurt by her former fiancé, Kat decides to marry an ordinary mathematician. But does such a relationship have a chance to survive? Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson starred in “Marry Me”. John Bradley and Sarah Silverman.

Death on the Nile

Love triangles very rarely end happily, but to murder right away? Fortunately, the police station has the best detective in the world – Hercule Poirot. This is a short summary of the plot of “Death on the Nile”, the latest adaptation of the cult novel by Agatha Christie. The new version was prepared by Kenneth Branagh, and played in it, among others Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, and Emma Mackey. This could be one of the best Valentine’s Day Movies to watch.

Krime Story, Love Story

Michał Węgrzyn returned with a new gangster comedy “Krime Story, Love Story”. The production tells the story of two thieves who are friends with the opportunity of the century. However, their final jump is complicated by the fact that Krime falls in love with their target’s daughter. The cast of Global Studio’s production includes Cezary Łukaszewicz, Michał Koterski, Wiktoria Gąsiewska and Gabriela Muskała.


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Control: Season 3

The new season of the “Control” series made its debut on Player. pl in an atmosphere of quite clear fears of fans who were frightened by the excessive melodramatic of the new main plot. Fortunately, the story of Majka and Natalia’s difficult love is still at a high level , at the same time showing the difficult sides of relationships, which are rarely mentioned in romances. You will already watch the first two episodes of season 3 on Player.


Italian series are becoming more and more popular in Poland, so Netflix could take some risk and bet on the title of this country on Valentine’s Day. “Faithfulness” is a romantic series devoted at first glance to an extremely happy marriage. However, their relationship will sink into a dimple when their spouse’s fidelity is put to the test. Will Carlo and Margherita cope with the challenge and survive the temptations? We’ll find out on Monday.


“Eiffel” is a historical biography and a romantic French film rolled into one. The film, directed by Martin Bourboulon, is devoted to the backstage of the construction of the famous Paris Eiffel Tower, the figure of its architect and his love for Adrienne Bourges. Last year’s production will be available from February 14 on the Polsat Box Go platform. Gustave Eiffel was played by Romain Duris, and his chosen one was played by Emma Mackey.

TV program – programs for the weekend and Valentine’s Day for two:

  • Saturday recommended: MCU fans on Saturday will be able to remember one of the best films in the series, thanks to the issue of “Avengers” on Polsat (from 22:05). Fans of ABBA’s music should turn on TVN Siedem, where “Mamma Mia!” Will start at 20:00. HBO will put on the comedy-drama “Love in the Neighborhood” on the first day of the weekend. The movie starts at 8:10 pm.
  • We recommend on Sunday: Are you meeting your loved one the day before Valentine’s Day? Nothing wrong. On TVP 1 from 22:25 you will watch the classic of the romance, “Dirty Dancing”. Fans of family fantasy on the same day will be able to choose between Polsat (where “Czarownica 2” will start at 3:10 pm) or TVN. This channel will debut the hit “Królewna Śnieżka i Łowca” at 8:00 pm.
  • We recommend it on Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s TV night will be full of romantic productions. TVN will show the British “Notting Hill” at 22:05, TVN Siedem at 20:40 will show the classics of the Polish romantic comedy “Never in life!”, And on Canal + from 18:35 you will be able to watch “Prognozę na miłość”. Polsat will save supporters of a different kind of cinema, where at 21:05 “Baby Driver” will set off on a car escape.


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Valentine’s Day 2022 – a film summary:

Valentine’s Day can be spent in many different ways. Go to the cinema to watch movies such as “Death on the Nilu”, “Love is close” or “Marry me”, watch any of the news of HBO GO, Netflix, Polsat Box GO or Player or even watch TV in the company of a loved one. It’s important to do it together and show each other that we care.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day Movies ? Let us know in the comments.


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