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Users can compare prices of telephony, internet and TV packages with this online tool

The consumers of Internet services, telephone and television packages will be able to compare which package best suits their budget and what they are looking for through a platform created by the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) in alliance with the Laboratory of Innovation, Creativity and New Technologies of the National University of Colombia.

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This is the site, which will be of great help for Colombians who are looking to contract or change their service plan, since it compares the costs of the companies.

It is the first portal in Colombia with 4.0 technology, which aims to help users of these services to make a more conscious and informed decision.

On the site, you can find plans and packages for both mobile phone operators – prepaid and postpaid – and fixed internet services or TV subscribers provided in the municipalities.

how to use

On the platform it is possible compare up to 4 plans at the same time, allowing to visualize the characteristics of the services that the user is looking for. In this way, the similarities and differences between them can be identified in order to make better informed decisions.

1.- You have to enter the platform

2.- On the left side of the platform, select “Search provider”.

3.- Subsequently, choose in the “Population” section if you want to review all of Colombia or only in a Municipality, Strata and Department.

4.- In the “Service characteristics” select “Postpaid” or “Prepaid”, as well as the price range.

5.- Select what you are looking for in the following boxes: Mobile telephony (minutes and SMS), mobile Internet, fixed Internet, fixed telephony and subscription TV.

Once you have completed all the fields of what you are looking for, the site will offer updated information based on the selected fields. This way you can find the plans that fit what the user needs and their available budget.

For more details, The comparator has links that allow access to the web portals of the respective operatorswhere you will find information such as contact points to contract the services, access to the terms and conditions, among others, to complement the user’s decision.

According to CRC data presented in a statement, in the last quarter of 2021, more than 73 million mobile phone lines were registered in Colombia, around 35 million mobile internet accesses and more than 6 million television subscriptions, Therefore, the site is a good tool that allows grouping the wide range of services that exist in the country.

“With relevant and updated information, the user will be able to compare to exercise their right to free choice of the operator and the tariff plan that they require,” Paola Bonilla Castaño, executive director of the CRC, said in a statement.

The work of LAB101 was carried out on several fronts: the first was a documentary search with similar technical references that would support the process of specifying the main characteristics of the comparator.

The contents are designed, elaborated and tested from the knowledge of various experts such as researchers, humanists and designers, as well as articulated to the technical specifications that the CRC team provided to make the process more robust.


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