User can play games on the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s external screen

Samsung hasn’t made many changes to the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s external screen compared to the previous generation, so it’s just focused on basic actions like viewing the time and notifications, capturing selfies or quick access to some settings. However, one user found that the CoverScreen OS application allows several programs to be used on the small display, including games.

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Asphalt 9 yielded a good experience on the external screen (Image: Nadeem Sarwar/DigitalTrends)

According to the report from the DigitalTrends portal, the experience varies greatly depending on the game chosen. In general, the size and resolution of the display appear as the biggest difficulties — the panel is only 1.9 inches and 260 x 512 pixels.

The user may have many difficulties with accuracy, as the touch areas are even more limited in such a compact display. Fingers themselves can take up viewing space, while texts are difficult to read because of pixelation.

Tests with games on the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s external screen

However, titles like Candy Crush Saga showed a relatively satisfying experience, even with small blocks. Tests with Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure were also quite positive, with beautiful graphics as far as possible.

Asphalt 9: Legends was also praised by DigitalTrends, even if the words in the menus are blurry. In addition, the game still supports an Xbox controller, which does not require touching the screen.

Basically all the games tested performed well, without crashes and with smooth movements. This is also the case for games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Apex Legends, Diablo Immortal, and more.

Getting precision right with your fingers can be difficult (Image: Nadeem Sarwar/DigitalTrends)

As the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s external display is not made for opening such apps, it’s clear that the tests are purely experimental. However, a nostalgic character was identified, with memories of older mobile games on cell phones from decades past.

The Razr 2022 is the only Z Flip 4 competitor to natively support apps on the external display. With it, it is possible to take advantage of all the possibilities of the Android operating system, as if the device were open.

To download the CoverScreen OS app, just go to the Play Store.

Source: DigitalTrends

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