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Useful functions have been added to Google Maps

Useful functions have been added to Google Maps

On November 17, it activated a new feature of Google’s map service that helps you find electric car chargers. The function is also available in Google Maps on Android, iOS and the web, and it now works globally in the same way as the US and UK markets have been able to use it in recent years. This means that the map application can specify charging speed, connection type and available (free) space at the charging point. The user has the option to specify individual filters for the search, for example, that he only wants to charge on Type 2 or CCS (Combo 2) connector type and at a speed of 50kW or faster. However, according to our experience, the provision of individual setting options does not work on iOS for the time being, the Google Maps application crashes when you try to open the menu item.

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If you search for it as an EV charger, Google immediately lists it and, if necessary, even navigates you to the nearest free station. (source: Mobilearena) [+]

Looking at the offer in Budapest, the information provided by Google Maps is not complete for all chargers. Lidl, Mobiliti, Chargecloud, Tesla, or Holtöltsek can provide information on chargers from the plug type to available locations, but TEA is located in the Budagyongye shopping center. not from a filling station anymore. The reason for this is that Google works as a partner with major charging networks.

The function has also been activated on the web. (source: Mobilearena) [+]

Also, with a big update before the Christmas period, the function will be added to Google Maps that will allow you to filter wheelchair accessible places. The function has been available in Australia, Japan, the UK and the USA since 2020, and from November 17 globally, including in Hungary. To turn it on, you need to open our profile in the Android or iOS application, then the settings menu item, and within that the accessibility options submenu. Here, a switch can be activated so that the map indicates wheelchair accessible places. Accessibility will be shown by an icon next to the name of the given location, the information can be added to the map by both owners and ordinary users.

From now on, Google Maps can also be used better to search for accessible places. (source: Mobilearena) [+]

The last update is not available in our country, so just a brief summary: the Android and iOS application in the cities of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Tokyo can now use the camera to show you the way to what you are looking for in a live view. And if you just hold up your phone, it will show you what’s nearby.

This is how Live View works. (source: Google) [+]

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